September 7, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

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Almost two weeks ago I was informed by some trusted sources that Obi-Wan Kenobi would be filming some important scenes at the East Los Angeles College swimming pool last week.

Some trusted friends of mine ventured to the location last week on various occasions and confirmed what my sources had told me and even sent images confirming the production was in-fact there. As you can see from the images below. JT stands for Joshua Tree, the production name of Kenobi just like Andor was Pilgrim and The Mandalorian is Huckleberry. 

Emergency Medical Technicians were spotted on the set and I was told multiple blue screens were being set up in and around the pools inside of the college with dry ice supposedly being used.

We know that a water planet will feature in the series as concept art featuring a water planet with armed soldiers firing at a sea creature with many arms was shown exclusively to investors during Disney’s Investors Day presentation in December along with interviews with Ewan McGregor and Deborah Chow which featured multiple pieces of concept art.

There’s also one other thing. I was told that just before the production moved to the college to film scenes with the swimming pool, a scene was filmed with Darth Vader entering a forest (using the volume). Sources were saying it was reminiscent of Dagobah. Now I’m not saying it is or isn’t Dagobah, just that it was reminiscent of it. So please don’t spread around that Dagobah is in the series – I am not saying that and nor are my sources. I was told the scene felt very tense, almost like Vader was stepping in ready for a confrontation.

I wonder if the forest scene is related to the pool scenes that were filmed last week. It’s a random factoid, but when filming The Empire Strikes Back, the crew filmed a scene featuring the dragonsnake in George Lucas’ personal pool.

I believe Kenobi has mostly shot in order, or as close to as possible, so with these shots being the last of filming you’d imagine these scenes may take place later in the series.

Obi-Wan Kenobi finally wrapped late last week, my sources too have told me the same, so now we wait patiently until we see our glorious space Jesus on our screens next year. 

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