September 9, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

Aspyr Media have just debuted the teaser for The Knights of the Old Republic Remake at Sony’s Playstation Showcase, which you can see below with more details beneath.

Aspyr Media just debuted the official teaser for the long rumoured Knights of the Old Republic Remake during the PlayStation Showcase. What was most surprising was that it boasted to be remade for specifically for PS5, which has since been confirmed to be a timed exclusive to the Playstation 5 console and PC. The remake will not be arriving on Sony’s last generation console, the PlayStation 4. We currently do not know how long the title will be exclusive to Sony’s latest console or when the title is set to release.

In January 2020, Cinelinx reported that a remake of the Knights of the Old Republic was in development, but was unsure if the title was being developed by EA or not. In January of this year I exclusively reported on my podcast that the game was not being developed by EA, but by a smaller known studio which was eventually revealed to be Aspyr Media who have had experience porting Knights of the Old Republic one and two over the years.

After the PlayStation Showcase, Ryan Treadwell, the lead producer at Aspyr sat down with Playstation and revealed that the title is a complete remake of the beloved Star Wars story that they have rebuilt from the ground up, but have managed to keep the integrity of the story and characters. Treadwell revealed that veterans of RPGs are working on the title along with developers that worked on the original KOTOR games that released in 2003 and 2004. Treadwell added that Aspyr have been working closely with Playstation and Lucasfilm and want to deliver an authentic experience for fans of the original games.

I’m extremely excited about this title and honestly I am still not over the shock of seeing it tonight at Playstation’s incredible showcase. Thank you for reading!

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