October 12, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

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Kumail Nanjiani has shared some minor details on his mysterious role in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Nanjiani spoke about working with director Deborah Chow and working alongside Ewan McGregor, but the most interesting tidbit came from the Stuber star talking about filming inside of the volume. Kumail said the following:

The first scene we shot, it was Star Wars outside the windows, with aliens walking around and ships flying by and all this stuff, but the rest of it just looked like a warehouse. So I did a couple of takes and then Ewan was like, “You know, none of this is real.” I knew the windows weren’t real, but the walls weren’t either! I looked and I was like, “Wow, the walls are projected.” The only thing that was real in the whole room was the desk I was sitting at. It was wild. It was really, really exciting.

So we’ve now got an idea of what Nanjiani’s character is up to in this world. I’ve seen people online joking that he’s some kind of office worker based on the comments of him being behind a desk. However the Eternals star did mention that his character is a new take on a type of character that we’ve seen before and that the role is “substantial”. This got me thinking that perhaps he’s some sort of pilot and is Kenobi’s way off of Tatooine to embark on his mission. In my opinion him being Kenobi’s pilot would be a substantial role and his new take on an existing character archetype could be in reference to Han Solo. Nanjiani also mentioned that his character is somewhat intimidated by Obi-Wan unlike Solo who was confident, cocky and unafraid of the Jedi in their first meeting.

Check out the full Rolling Stone article here.


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