November 18, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

According to a new report from Production Weekly, The Mandalorian spin-off series is due to begin filming in just four months time.

Just a couple of weeks ago it I wrote a rough draft of an article in my phone regarding when Ahsoka would begin filming. I had two sources tell me early Spring and another saying it could be as early as late February. I held off on the article just in case we got an update at Disney Plus Day, but once again my procrastination got the better of me as today it’s been revealed that Ahsoka will begin filming in March 2022 via ProductionWeekly.

The start of the rough article on the Ahsoka start window I was writing.

Previously The Hollywood Reporter gave a vague window of early 2022 when they revealed Hayden Christensen was starring in the upcoming series. Shortly after confusion erupted when outlets began misquoting an episode of Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond where co-host Marc Bernardin discussed his upcoming short film, Splinter, and revealed he asked Rosario Dawson to take part, but she turned down the role due to her commitments to a Star Wars show. Bernardin said, “She read the script and loved it, but she said listen I’m going to be in Manhattan Beach making a fucking Star Wars show and I can’t be in your short”. When co-host Kevin Smith questioned if Bernardin should’ve said that as he was unsure the public knew an Ahsoka series was being developed, Bernardin responded, “Well, yeah. I didn’t say it was coming out in December”. After a back and forth, Bernardin clarified his comments saying, “I will say to clarify, no idea when they’re shooting, but it seems to be soon. She’s in pre-production on it, I’m assuming.” Various outlets began misquoting Bernardin claiming Ahsoka would begin filming in December, but it was not the case.

Rosario Dawson with Kevin Smith

According to my sources Ahsoka will film up until the Fall of 2022 and is currently aiming to release around the Spring of 2023 exclusively on Disney+. Slightly later The Acolyte will also begin filming and will release sometime in 2023 also.


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