November 20, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

According to a reliable video game insider, EA turned down DICE’s pitch for a third entry in their Battlefront series.

According to Tom Henderson, a trusted video game insider, best known for his leaks on Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty, a person with a great track record on reporting EA and DICE, DICE actually pitched a third entry in their Battlefront series, but EA turned the idea down due to licensing costs.

According to Henderson, a former Battlefront developer told him that EA turned the pitch down as its costs 20% more in sales to make the same money from an original EA IP, such as Battlefield.

Henderson goes on to say that though EA turned down Battlefront III, the publisher has two Star Wars titles in development, but Henderson failed to mention any details regarding those games outside of them being single player titles. However we do know that a follow-up to Jedi: Fallen Order is in the works at Respawn and last year I mentioned several times on my podcast that a second game by EA was in development and at the time I was hearing it was a smaller scale release in comparison to Fallen Order and Battlefront.

Henderson mentions many key developers that worked on the Battlefront series leaving DICE and that he’s personally seen proof that DICE’s next title following Battlefield 2042 is yet another Battlefield title as evidence of a third Battlefront being extremely unlikely. Henderson also mentions that the next Battlefield title has surpassed its conceptual stage and is being actively developed at this time.

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