November 8, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

Exclusive set photos and video of an unknown Mandalorian spotted on set of The Mandalorian season three along with what appears to be an ice planet.

On Friday we were fortunate enough to get some pictures and a video of The Mandalorian set at the train yard. Din Djarin was spotted in full costume, however it’s unlikely to be Pedro Pascal in the suit as he’s been spotted multiple times over the past week in Canada filming for The Last of Us, but we weren’t quick enough to snap a photo of daddy Djarin.

What we were able to snap some pictures of however was a new unknown Mandalorian on set. Unfortunately we were too far away to get a clear picture of the actors face, but from what we could see, he was rocking what appeared to be green and brown armour.

We also spotted what appeared to fake ice or snow for the set they were using, leading us to speculate that once again we’re visiting another snow or ice planet in the upcoming third season.

It was previously reported by MakingStarWars that around 75 Mandalorian’s were being both cast and using creative ways to use fan costumes and they’d be swapping pieces of armour to to create more variants to be seen on screen. This is for a sequence later in the season where Mandalorian’s answer a call Din Djarin let’s out for help.

Hopefully you enjoyed these small tidbits from the upcoming third season of The Mandalorian and I hope to provide you with more updates on the series in the future. Below you will see an on set video and a few more pictures.

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