November 27, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

The Book of Boba Fett hits Disney+ in just 32 days and Lucasfilm is gearing up more promotion for the series with a release of a new teaser.

Though the new teaser doesn’t show much additional footage following the trailer released at the start of the month, there is the odd brief showing of previously unseen footage. Most notably around the 15 seconds mark we appear to see a flashback scene, as we see Boba sporting his initial look in The Mandalorian alongside Fennec Shand reclaiming the Slave 1. There’s also new footage of an unknown group wearing red outfits jumping across the rooftops of Mos Eisley (PARKOUR!) and at the start of the teaser, we see Shand bringing a member of this group to Jabba’s Palace…Boba’s Palace along with the smelter droid from Return of the Jedi, 8D8, is seen serving drinks to Fett and his peers.

Though the new teaser is brief, it’s more of a TV spot, I actually found it more exciting than the initial trailer despite much of the footage from said trailer featuring here.

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