December 23, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

Reliable video game leaker, Tom Henderson, has shared some details on the alleged troubled development of the upcoming Star Wars: Eclipse.

Last night Henderson, who first broke the news that Quantic Dream were working on a Star Wars game in September, provided an update on what he knows about the upcoming release via YouTube. Portions of the information detailed in the video is that of which we already know from Henderson, AccNGT and even myself which you can read here. However Henderson’s latest update did provide us with more insight. Henderson stresses that despite his sources having knowledge of the situation, he reports the information as rumours to avoid any legal repercussions from Quantic Dream.

According to Henderson, Quantic Dream had ambitious plans in 2013 for their own space-based game with the codename Project Karma, but Sony (who QD had a partnership with at the time) refused to green light the project due to costs, and instead the studio went on to make Detroit: Become Human with Karma sitting on the sidelines. Henderson claims that around 2020 the studio were looking to be acquired following the end of their deal with Sony, but with the studio facing global media attention for its alleged bad work place environment (putting it mildly), they were unable to secure a sale. If you’re unfamiliar with the allegations then I strongly suggest you read them here along with misogynistic and homophobic comments made by Quantic Dream executive David Cage. Comments we here at Bespin Bulletin do not agree with or support.

Henderson reports that Quantic Dream pitched their Star Wars title to Lucasfilm using assets they’d made for Project Karma and according to a former developer Henderson has been in contact with, some assets can be seen in the Eclipse reveal trailer. Shortly after Eclipse was green lit and used the codename Solstice.

Henderson goes on to talk about Quantic Dream facing engine issues for the title, something that’s been reported previously. The engine’s architecture was built for confined levels with small areas to explore and a limited number of AI. Eclipse is apparently going to be a multi-planet exploring title with open world elements and the QD engine allegedly can’t work for such an ambitious game, and apparently this is one of the reasons the studio was looking to be acquired. Henderson claims that the studio is also having issues with multiplayer which is rumoured to be part of Eclipse, as the studio has never attempted to make a title with multiplayer elements before.

Despite the title rumoured to have been in development for around 18 months, there apparently is no playable version of the title due to the alleged engine issues according to Henderson. Henderson speculates that perhaps the studio is still or once again looking to be acquired now with the power of a Star Wars title under its belt so they can get the resources they need such as a new or different engine, but also to possibly create a brand new engine.

It’s been reported before by Henderson and AccNGT that Quantic Dream Paris is having issues hiring staff to work on Eclipse, with the studio currently looking to employ a third of its studio capacity with over 60 jobs available. Allegedly the studio is having issues hiring staff due to the past allegations we linked earlier in the article.

The trailer showcased at The Game Awards was apparently created by Unit Image, who previously created CGI trailers for Far Cry 6, Death Stranding, For Honour, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and many more. Henderson mentions that the trailer won’t reflect the final product, but instead shows the direction of Eclipse and speculates the trailer was created to boost chances of hiring staff to work on the title and possibly to attract offers of acquisition.

Personally I will not be surprised if this title never see’s the light of day and lack of Star Wars games going forward should not be a worry given the license is no longer exclusive to Electronic Arts from 2023. Aside from Eclipse other games being worked on include LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: Jedi 2, Knights of the Old Republic Remake along with an open-world Ubisoft game and an unknown smaller title from EA.

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