December 9, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

The newly released teaser for The Book of Boba Fett may have revealed a fan favourite location featuring in the series.

Eagle eyed fans have noticed that one particular area in The Book of Boba Fett teaser looked very familiar. Redditor Rijuchaudhuri pointed out that the room where we see Fett rocking a white jumpsuit and seeing a couple being attacked by some goons is actually Tosche Station. Most Star Wars fans know Tosche Station as the place Luke Skywalker was going to pick up some power converters in A New Hope, and the location even featured in deleted scenes.

As you can see by the images below, the room in which Fett enters bares some shocking similarities to Toshe Station from the A New Hope deleted scenes. The doorway which Fett enters is directly opposite the wall the two civilians are being attacked and in the deleted scenes, the doorway is in-fact opposite said wall. The details next to the doorway however are without question the biggest giveaway.

Fans have started speculating that the couple seen getting attacked in the latest teaser inside Tosche Station may actually be Luke Skywalker’s old friends, Camie Marstrap and Laze Loneozner. In 34 ABY, during his exile on Ahch-To, Luke Skywalker dreamt that he married Camie and remained in the moisture farming business with her and his aunt Beru and uncle Owen.

The inclusion of Tosche Station and possibly Camie and Laze is definitely some fun fan service and I’m positive we’re going to get much, much more of it in The Book of Boba Fett.

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