December 10, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

Last night Lucasfilm and Quantic Dream unveiled Star Wars: Eclipse and now we have a few more details.

At 10:15am GMT I posted an article covering the reveal of Star Wars: Eclipse. Buried inside of the article I included that from my sources I had heard that Eclipse was many years away, with 2024 being at most earliest we could expect the title. I also included that I believe Knights of the Old Republic Remake will release before Eclipse. At the time I believe I was the only person reporting that information regarding Eclipse. At 1:48pm GMT, video game leaker, and first to report that Quantic Dream were working on a Star Wars game, Tom Henderson, tweeted that he’d heard from his sources that the game at minimum was three to four years away. I must stress that I and Henderson had not had contact regarding Eclipse, and I believe the information we both released are from separate sources.

Henderson went on to reveal that Eclipse is being written by Quantic Dream Paris and that the studio is currently struggling to hire staff for the project. Why this information is important is that QD Paris writing the game means that David Cage is very likely to be involved and Henderson said as much, “David Cage is very involved”. Cage’s involvement will upset many given sexist and homophobic comments Cage has made in the past. We here at Bespin Bulletin do not agree with or support Cage’s comments.

Reliable insider AccNGT, who posted information on Eclipse almost two weeks ahead of the reveal including a screenshot from the trailer has said that Quantic Dream Paris is working on the more creative aspects of Eclipse such as narrative, level art and motion capture with a goal to have the narrative and action sequences to be memorable and are looking to The Last of Us as inspiration. AccNGT also added that production on the game has been complicated, and that play-testing is already in progress or about to begin.

Henderson also mentioned that the engine the studio is using, QD Engine, wasn’t built for open-world gameplay. Eclipse per a report from Kotaku earlier this year mentions that is possibly open-world and the reveal trailer almost seems to imply that. Kotaku also mentioned the game would feature multiplayer elements and would not follow previous Quantic Dream games by being quick time event heavy such as Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain, but instead the game would feature more traditional action gameplay. reveals that the title is an action-adventure, multiple character branching game set in the High Republic. During your play-through you’ll use an ensemble cast of charismatic playable characters each with their own personality, morality, motivations and impact upon one another and the story. As the player you’ll make choices that will have consequences and various outcomes in the branching narrative.

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