February 10, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

According to Production Weekly and my own sources, Ahsoka is scheduled to begin filming from sometime in April, but I can add a closer timeframe from what I’ve been told by multiple sources.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been hearing from multiple sources that Ahsoka is scheduled to film in April. The series was initially set to film in late March, but plans changed when more weeks were added to the production of The Mandalorian season three – I feel like I must add here that the additional weeks being added to Mando is nothing to worry about. Exclusively I can reveal that currently The Mandalorian season three is scheduled to wrap later in March with Ahsoka looking to start around four weeks later, placing it in late April, but I was told even that isn’t set in stone and could go into early May, depending on Mando, but for right now it is late April.

In the latest issue of Production Weekly they first reported that Ahsoka is looking to film from April which as I explained above is what I’ve been hearing too. Production Weekly don’t give an end date, but I’ve been told that filming could go on until quite late in the year, likely November. Production Weekly did however reveal the working title is Stormcrow, which I too can confirm.

Just to add in some small additional details regarding production on the third season of The Mandalorian, I mentioned earlier filming is set to end later in March, and some of you guys are well aware that primarily Mando films at Manhattan Beach Studios and also at a train yard in Los Angeles. I was told around a week ago that filming at the train yard has stopped and that a very small crew were taking down the set and structures that were built there. My assumption is that no additional scenes at the train yard need to be shot, and the remainder of the shoot will take place at Manhattan Beach Studios.

Ahoksa is expected to release sometime in 2023 and will star Rosario Dawson in the titular role, Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker, Natasha Liu Bordizzo as the fan-favourite Sabine Wren, along with Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ivanna Sakhno in unknown roles.

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