February 9, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

According to a new report, there are three actors playing the role of Darth Vader in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

The exclusive report comes from MSW who claim that the three actors are being used for different situations in the series. Firstly there’s Hayden Christensen who will portray Darth Vader in scenes when he is without his mask including scenes in a Bacta tank (first reported by StarWarsNewsNet) along with scenes as Anakin Skywalker during flashbacks.

Dmitrious Bistrevsky

The second Vader is a suit actor and former circus artist named Dmitrious Bistrevsky who will play Vader when he’s primarily standing or sitting. Bitrevsky actually played the Quarren Trawler in an episode of The Mandalorian and has also performed stunts in high profile films such as Captain Marvel, Alita: Battle Angel, as well as television series such as The Orville, New Girl, and Lucifer.

Tom O’Connell

The third and final Darth Vader is Tom O’Connell, who will play the Sith Lord in action scenes including those featuring Vader tearing it up with his lightsaber. O’Connell hasn’t worked on as many high profile projects as Bitrevsky, but has previously worked on The Equalizer, Olympus Has Fallen, and Bullet to the Head.

What I find most interesting about this report is that Christensen will be playing Anakin Skywalker in flashback scenes, which is something fans have long speculated about and have been hoping for. It’s unknown if those flashbacks will feature live-action adaptations of scenes from the Clone Wars animated series, or alternate/re-shot scenes from prequel era movies.

Fans don’t have long to wait for the highly anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series as it’s been reported that it’ll debut sometime in May exclusively on Disney+.

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