March 2, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Following yesterdays report that Scottish actor David Hayman had been cast in the upcoming Andor series, it’s now been revealed that British actress, Rosalind Halstead has been cast in the series.

The news comes via the casting website Spotlight, which lists Rosalind Halstead as playing a character simply known as “Sculdun’s Wife” in an episode directed by Benjamin Caron, who is probably best known for his work on The Crown, and has worked on many popular British TV shows in the past including Sherlock, My Mad Fat Diary, and Skins.

Rosalind Halstead isn’t an incredibly well known actress, even in the United Kingdom, so her name may be unfamiliar to most readers, but my British readers may recognise her as she has starred in some quite popular British television series such as The Trial of Christine Keeler, Holby City, Wuthering Heights, and Strangers. She even starred in an episode of Sherlock, which establishes a connection to Andor directors Benjamin Caron and Toby Haynes (Black Mirror, Doctor Who), who both worked on the Sherlock series for BBC One.

Outside of the character name of Sculdun’s Wife, no further details were revealed on the casting website. We also currently do not know who is playing the role of Sculdun either, and what his or her significance is to the series.

Andor is slated to release sometime during Disney’s fiscal fourth quarter which runs from the start of July until the end of September as was confirmed by a Disney earnings call last Fall. Ahead of the earnings call, I previously exclusively reported on my podcast, BOB The Podcast, that the series was aiming for an August or September 2022 release.

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