March 3, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

According to reliable video game insider and journalist, Tom Henderson, Quantic Dream is reportedly struggling to hire staff to work on Star Wars: Eclipse. Henderson, writing for XFire, reports that Quantic Dream Paris is currently looking to hire 67 members of staff, three months from when the studio was looking to hire 60 staff members. According to XFire, the studio has been updating the publishing date shown on each of the job listings to make them appear more recent, meaning they’re still likely unfulfilled positions dating back three months ago.

According to the report the Eclipse trailer was debuted so early in hopes of attracting more staff to the studio, which seemingly hasn’t gone to plan. At the time Eclipse was reportedly looking at a potential release date in 2024, but according to Henderson, Eclipse is now looking towards 2027 or even 2028. The delay you’d assume is due to the studio reportedly being unable to attract the talent needed for the job. It’s also been previously reported by Henderson that the studio has faced issues with their QD engine, as the QD engine’s architecture was apparently built for more confined levels with smaller areas to explore and with a limited number of AI. Eclipse is apparently going to be a multi-planet exploring title with open world elements, and the QD engine, according to the report, doesn’t work for such an ambitious title, and apparently this is one of the reasons the studio was looking to be acquired. Henderson claims that the studio is also having issues with multiplayer which is rumoured to be part of Eclipse, as the studio has never attempted to make a title with multiplayer elements before.

One source of Henderson’s suggested that one of the reasons the trailer for Eclipse was shown so early wasn’t just to attract talent to the studio, but to attract potential buyers of the studio. It’s previously been rumoured that since Quantic Dream’s three game deal with Sony ended, the studio has been looking to get acquired and pitches were made to several publishers. Henderson previously mentioned in a YouTube video that QD were unable to secure an acquisition deal due to the alleged bad work place environment (putting it mildly), and if you’re unfamiliar with the allegations then I strongly suggest you read them here along with misogynistic and homophobic comments made by Quantic Dream executive David Cage. Comments we here at Bespin Bulletin do not agree with or support.

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