April 17, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

According to reliable video games insider, AccountNGT, development on the controversial Star Wars: Eclipse is going smoother than what recent reports suggested.

You may be unfamiliar with AccountNGT, but the insider was first to reveal that the Quantic Dream Star Wars game was titled Eclipse, and he posted images from the trailer along with information on the game itself weeks before the trailer debuted at the 2021 Game Awards in December. Since then NGT has had a bevy of reliable reports for other titles, and has been a consistent source on the happenings at Quantic Dream.

NGT offered a brief update on projects Quantic Dream are working on via their Twitter account and shared the following – “Another report I got confirms again the existence of a Dark Sorcerer based game from Quantic Dream that I had reported a few months ago. SW Eclipse would be the next big game that QD would release tho. Apparently the development is going better than some would have you believe.

The reports I believe NGT is referring to is likely those by Tom Henderson, who is also a very reliable video game insider in his own right, who most recently reported for XFire that Eclipse is aiming for a 2027 or a 2028 release due to a slew of issues, with a major factor being the studio struggling to hire staff for the project with the allegations the studio faces more than likely being the key reason the studio has struggled to hire the talent needed for the title. If you’re unfamiliar with the allegations then I strongly suggest you read them here along with misogynistic and homophobic comments made by Quantic Dream executive David Cage. Comments we here at Bespin Bulletin do not agree with or support.

NGT responded to fellow Twitter users and said they believe that Eclipse would “probably” release sometime in 2025, two-to-three years before Henderson’s estimates, and only one year behind the initial reports. Henderson’s report claimed that due to the studios struggles to hire staff and issues with their QD engine, Eclipse was internally delayed from 2024 to 2027 or 2028. Reports surrounding the development issues noted that the QD engine’s architecture is not built for a game at the scope of Eclipse, which is set to bolster open-world elements along with multi-planet travel, and multiplayer features. It was even reported by Henderson that one of the reasons Eclipse was shown so early was in hope that a publisher would come forward and acquire Quantic Dream as the studio had been looking to get acquired since their three game deal with Sony ended in 2018. Its recently been reported that NetEase Games have acquired the studio, after previously holding a majority stake in the studio dating back to 2019.

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