April 20, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

UPDATE – April 22nd, 2022: Variety are reporting that Loki composer, Natalie Holt, will score the Kenobi soundtrack whilst John Williams composes the main theme for the show. Holt had the following to say, “Obviously, I’m just thrilled to be mentioned in the same breath as John Williams, it’s been exciting and overwhelming at times, because I’m such a fan. I want to pay respect to the history of it, and do it justice as well.

Recently a new rumour has begun making its way around the Star Wars community pertaining the composer of the highly anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Previously it was confirmed that John Williams would be composing the theme for Kenobi, as he did for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but won’t be scoring the entire series. The series is now just a little over one month away from debuting on Disney+ and we’ve yet to get an official announcement on who is scoring the series, but the answer may have leaked.

According to users on John Williams fan site, JWFan.com, the composer of the series is Natalie Holt. Holt is probably best known for scoring the successful Disney+ series, Loki, and is set to compose the score for the DCEU flick, Batgirl, which releases later this year. Holt expressed interest last year on working on a Star Wars project on social media amidst the release of Loki.

Personally I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Loki soundtrack, and I’m not a big fan of most of the Marvel Studios score, but Holt’s work on the Loki theme was brilliant in my opinion, and the piece truly stuck with me. So while I’m not over optimistic on the score, I am going in with hope and an open mind given Holt’s past work – if the rumour is true of course, and hopefully we get confirmation soon. If you’re unfamiliar with the theme of the Loki series then you can listen below.

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