May 25, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Last night an image showcasing the battle pass for Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 3 appeared on 4chan (I know) and has quickly made its way around social media this morning. Usually I’d dismiss any ‘leak’ coming from 4chan, but various Fortnite insiders including HypeX and Shiina have claimed that the chances of the image being fake are extremely low.

The image offers us our first look at Darth Vader’s skin in the game and confirms (if legitimate) that the dark lord of the Sith will be part of the next seasons battle pass, and not a skin you’d buy separately in the Fortnite item shop. It would also end speculation that Vader’s ties to the battle pass would be linked to completing challenges as that spot is seemingly taken by Indiana Jones, who was also rumoured to appear in the next season.

Darth Vader has been rumoured to appear in Fortnite for a number of months as a file for the character was spotted during an official Unreal Engine livestream. Chief creative officer at Epic Games, Donald Mustard, has been teasing Star Wars content coming to Fortnite for a number of months and as of a few days ago shared an image of an AT-AT, a vehicle he’s posted multiple times which has now led fans to speculate if the walker will feature in Fortnite’s next season.

Tomorrow players will be able to purchase the Obi-Wan Kenobi skin in Fortnite via the item shop. Kenobi arrives with a Jedi Starfighter glider, a loading screen, a dagger pickaxe, an emote, and Kenobi’s desert essentials back bling. Players will be able to purchase the Kenobi skin individually for 1,500 vbucks and the Kenobi bundle likely for around 2,600.

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