May 27, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Recently in the Star Wars issue of Vanity Fair Lucasfilm president, Kathleen Kennedy, revealed to the outlet that the untitled Star Wars film by Taika Waititi will be the next film in the Star Wars universe to release, and that Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron had been delayed indefinitely. Waititi’s film was scheduled to release in December 2025, but today Kennedy has revealed that Waititi’s movie is actually releasing in late 2023.

During an interview with Total Film at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, Kennedy was asked if Taika’s movie was aiming for 2023, to which the super producer responded, “Yeah. Well, not 2023, but late 2023”. Total Film quickly followed up asking if it was the December 2023 release date set for Rogue Squadron and Kennedy responded by saying, “We haven’t locked anything in yet.”

The president of Lucasfilm also told the outlet that she’s got no hesitancy moving past the Skywalker saga for future movies and that with the next Star Wars film in Lucasfilm’s line-up she’s hoping it can get fans and fellow movie-goers back in the cinema seats, “the next iteration of Star Wars is and about getting people back into movie theatres, so we can really come out with a bang. That’s important to us.”

In a separate interview with Empire Magazine, Kennedy was asked about about exploring the sequel era and post sequel era as much of the television content has been centred pre or post original trilogy with Kennedy saying, “we’re moving beyond the existing sequels as we look to our movie space. The sequel era is what we talk a lot about in terms of where we’re going with our movies, and just how far out from that we’ll go. That’s very much a space we’re concentrating on.” Though she does not mention the Waititi film by name as being one of the films set post-sequels, it was long rumoured that Rogue Squadron would take place after the events of the sequel trilogy.

The news that Waititi’s movie is moving a whole two years up is very unexpected, I personally didn’t expect a Star Wars film until 2025 following the delay of Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron. However I’m truly excited to see what Waititi comes up with and to move past the Skywalker saga and start a new era in the movie space. Next year for Star Wars is lining-up to be simply spectacular with the releases of The Mandalorian season three, Ahsoka, Skeleton Crew. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Waititi’s film, and possibly The Acolyte.

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