June 2, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Just last week the highly anticipated sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was revealed at Star Wars Celebration, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which confirmed we’d be reuniting with Cal Kestis and the Mantis crew as well as taking on some brand new villains, but a new rumour suggests that we’ll be coming face-to-face with a familiar foe in the upcoming title.

According to Shepshal Nick, host of the podcast, XBox Era, Darth Maul is making an appearance in the Fallen Order sequel. Nick has he some reliable information in the past, but from doing some research it appears his information is hit and miss. The podcast host Shepshal Nick said, “I had heard that Darth Maul might be in it, but that doesn’t line up with the timeline does it?” before a co-host explained to him that Maul survived the events of The Phantom Menace and returned in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Upon hearing the information Nick went on to say that he was told about Maul over a year ago and was confused about the the timeline as he doesn’t keep up with Star Wars, before a co-host claimed that Star Wars is simply for kids and they began to laugh.

I can a-test that the Maul rumour was floating around in some circles last year, but I hadn’t heard it from anybody reputable at the time and thus didn’t hold much stock in it. Today with the rumour now coming from the Xbox Era host, I still don’t hold that much more weight in it and would advise readers to do the same, until more reliable video game reporters or Star Wars reporters begin to back-up the claim, but given the podcast hosts history I thought it was worth mentioning.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is set to release in 2023, with current rumours indicating a February or March release. Survivor releases exclusively on current generation consoles and PC.

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