June 3, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

As Lucasfilm and Disney have made us well aware, Obi-Wan Kenobi has been a massive success for the streaming service, as well as a critical one. So there’s no wonder that according to a new report, Disney and Lucasfilm want more Kenobi on Disney+.

According to a new report from MakingStarWars, Disney and Lucasfilm have green-lit a second season of the highly successful series despite previously calling it a limited-series. The report gave no additional details on the second season, such as a release or shooting window, but did add that certain scenes in the final episode has been cut or changed to fit the narrative of its second season. Below I’ll go into those changes so you should expect spoilers, and thus if you don’t want to be spoiled then I recommend you stop reading the article from this point.

According to the report one of the final scenes in Kenobi episode six has been cut or amended to accommodate the second season. The initial plot leak of episode six from the outlet stated that Reva aka the Third Sister would see her life end at the hands of Darth Vader after she claims to the Sith Lord that she killed Lord Vader’s former master, a lie she tells Vader to keep Kenobi’s secret – the son of Anakin Skywalker is alive. The report claims that this is the scene that’s either been cut or changed in preparation of the second season.

Personally at this moment I am happy with this change, as I’m enjoying the Reva character and would like to see more of her in the future, and I’m very curious to see where the character goes. Given the leaks of Kenobi’s first season and the supposed change that reveals Reva survives, I wonder if we’ll see the hunter become the hunted as the report states that the Grand Inquisitor will survive Kenobi season one and you can assume both he and Vader will not be happy with Reva’s actions.

It’s felt as if Lucasfilm have been somewhat hinting at a second season for sometime with Kennedy saying the door is left open, and Ewan McGregor saying he’d like to do more. Most recently at Star Wars Celebration he claimed he’d be at the next one, which we now know is in London, and said he hopes fans enjoy the first six episodes of Kenobi before smiling and adding 7-10. At the time I and probably most people took this as a bit of a joke, but if the report is true then perhaps not. Maybe McGregor was giving us a massive hint.

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