July 28, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Twitter user Nuruodo shared a heavily watermarked video of a very spoilery scene from the upcoming animated anthology series, Tales of the Jedi. In the the video we see the Jedi master Yaddle meet her unfortunate end at the hands of Count Dooku. At this time the video has been removed due to a DMCA, and the Twitter account has been deleted. The context behind the scene according to the Twitter user is that the episode focuses on Dooku being turned by Palpatine on Geonosis, but Yaddle has followed Dooku to the location and Palpatine being Palpatine forces the Count to end her life.

The Twitter user went on to share more details about episodes and plot points on the series alongside another Twitter user, Aesokass. The users claim we’ll see a Dooku origin story episode, an episode where Dooku is annoyed that Mace Windu gets the rank of master before him and the final Dooku episode is the one we’ve run down above detailing the death of Yaddle.

Along with episode details for Dooku, the users detailed other tidbits from the series. Let me stress that at this time it’s unclear if these leaks are legitimate, they could be false even if the video the user shared was real. According to the users Ahsoka attends the funeral of Padme Amidala in one of the episodes, Qui-Gon Jinn’s funeral is shown, and the Ahsoka Tano novel has been retconned. Regarding the episode that supposedly retcons the Ahsoka novel, the users claim that a character tells an Inquisitor where Ahsoka Tano is located and proceeds to set Raada ablaze which leaves only Ahsoka Tano and a character from the novel, Kaeden Larte, around with the users claiming Kaeden is sidelined in the episode as a whole. In the same episode Kaeden discovers Ahsoka’s force sensitive when she saves the former from being hit by a truck and agrees to keep the former Jedi’s secret. The last tidbit from the episode is that we unfortunately don’t see Ahsoka Tano get her iconic white lightsabers, but we do see her defeat the Inquisitor.

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