August 10, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Hello there! We’re still a number of weeks away from the release of the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story spin-off series, Andor, from being released and just like last week, I’m able to bring you an exclusive piece of information regarding the series.

According to my sources, Cassian Andor is not the true name of the titular character, and that the characters initial name in the series is, Cassa. I’m unsure of the spelling, it could be spelt Kassa, however that’s how the name sounded. As far as I know, Andor, is not his family name either, and unfortunately I’m not aware of what his true last name is at this point. However Cassian or Cassa inherits the last name Andor from Fiona Shaw’s (Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Killing Eve) character, Maarva Andor.

Maarva Andor played by Fiona Shaw

It’s previously been revealed that Cassian’s birth world gets destroyed when he’s young (young Cassian is played by Antonio Vina) you can even see his birth planet in the trailers, and that Ferrix becomes the titular characters adoptive home-world following the event. Fans speculated that Maarva could be an adoptive mother of sorts to Cassian given that Cassian appears to live with the character on Ferrix and that the droid, B2EMO, was revealed to have been with the Andor family for years, and that appears to be the case as our hero takes Maarva’s last name.

Bix Caleen played by Adria Arjona

Just last week we exclusively revealed that the name of Adria Arjona’s (Morbius, Irma Vep, Father of the Bride) character is Bix Caleen which has since been proven true by journalists part of the Andor press junket, and more recently in the latest issue of SFX magazine.

The first three episodes of Andor release exclusively on Disney+ on September 21st following its recent delay from August 31st. Promotion on the series has truly started to ramp up and I’m excited to learn more about these characters and the series as a whole.

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