August 1, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Finally! A new trailer for the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story spin-off has officially been released after much anticipation and speculation. For weeks people have been asking me when to expect the next trailer for Andor and my response has always been the start of August, and once it was announced that Cassian Andor himself, Diego Luna, would appear on Good Morning America it felt inevitable. However Luna’s appearance to debut the new trailer also came with some disappointing news, the series has been delayed from August 30th to September 21st.

The teaser trailer for Andor released at the tail end of May during Star Wars Celebration, something we exclusively reported would happen, and though it didn’t show much, in my opinion it was a fantastic tone piece and gave me everything I wanted and expected from the first glance at the upcoming episode Rogue One prequel series. The new official trailer is much more action packed than it’s predecessor but shows shots from the teaser (though expanded), glimpses of flashbacks of Cassian’s childhood, Stellan Skarsgård’s Luthen Rail recruit the titular character, finally see Saw Gerrera who was previously revealed to be in the series by Skarsgård earlier this year, and surprisingly former chancellor Valorum, along with much more.

Though disappointingly Andor has been delayed from its initial August release date, the trailer reveals that the series will now debut with a three episode premiere on September 21st. Initially we were set to get a two episode premiere, but due to the delay Lucasfilm has upped the count to three. Though we’re getting an additional episode, and the delay is that of less than a month, I’m still some way disappointed as we’ve been waiting on the series for many years and we’re so close to the finishing line. I have incredibly high hopes for the series given the talent attached and from what I’ve heard from various sources over the years, and I’m sure the series will deliver.

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