August 17, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

The leaker responsible for the entire plot leak of Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, along with video evidence, Aesokas, has shared new details on the Sith Lord (codenamed Paul) featured in the live-action series, Star Wars: The Acolyte. Though I know some of the users past claims regarding the series lines up from with what I know, I can’t attest to the following leak so remember to take it as a rumour. Also remember that the character names are codenames, and the only cast member we know of at this time is Amandla Stenberg (Bodies, Bodies, Bodies) who plays the lead, Aura.

According to the Twitter user, Paul is a white human male who sports grey or white hair and is around his fifties in age. Paul doesn’t fit the bill of the typical Sith Lord, he’s supposedly extremely rich, “effortlessly fancy”, and is supposedly an arms dealer by profession. The Twitter user claims that in an earlier episode of the series Paul actually supplies Aura’s village with weapons in preparation of another attack by the primitive aliens that previously attacked the citizens before they were fought off by the Jedi. Paul, Aura, and Aura’s grandfather, Theo, stand against the attackers, but as we know from past reports, Theo is ultimately killed during this attack as are many other members of their village.

The user previously claimed that the Jedi taking Aura’s sister, Miri, and the death of her grandfather is what ultimately motivates Aura to join the acolytes and to embark on the journey to becoming an apprentice to the Sith Lord, Paul. The user gives additional details on those events claiming that Aura goes out to the “bog” to kill the attackers and to keep them away from the village in hopes of stopping other innocents from getting hurt or worse. Following the death of her grandfather, Aura has a sort of power up moment with the Force, which is how she’s able to defeat some of their attackers. Once Aura returns to the village she see’s the Jedi have finally arrived, but they’re too late. However Paul has managed to subdue the Jedi including Aura’s Jedi friend, Melody, and forces Aura to kill them and take a lightsaber.

Based on the previous two plot leaks by the user (here and here), it’s clear if what they’re saying is true then they’re only currently familiar with the earlier episodes and that they’ve seen concept art or storyboards of the earlier episodes of the series which is where they’re gathering their information. The details they’re sharing do add up with past casting reports, and some things I know of myself. If this is all to be believed then The Acolyte seems like it’ll be a really exciting watch, and I can’t for it to hit our screens in 2024.

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