February 28, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

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Towards the tail end of last week, a friend got in contact with me as he had spotted various EE signs in Surrey, England. As my readers should know, EE signs are used on Andor sets as EE stands for E&E Industries, the production company behind Andor. It’s also worth mentioning that Andor’s codename is Pilgrim. Our man in the area followed up on the lead earlier today and tracked the EE signs to Chobham Common and ventured across the location. Unfortunately no filming is taking place in the area currently, but it appears the location is beginning the process of starting up production at Chobham Common.

It’s worth mentioning that Chobham Common is very close to Longcross Studios, which I’ve been informed will also be used for Andor season two filming in the coming weeks. Longcross Studios was previously used for filming on Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 2016, and the Millennium Falcon was spotted chilling in a field near the studio a year later on Google Maps surrounded by shipping containers and plastic tarp.

Millennium Falcon at Longcross Studios in 2016 | Image: Greg Sirc / Splash News
Millennium Falcon on Google Maps

Over the weekend photos appeared on Reddit of what appears to be a bunker of some kind, with Reddit user thinking it was Star Wars. Initially the user thought it to be Alderaan as they mistakingly believed that Obi-Wan Kenobi filmed in the United Kingdom, seemingly due to various British newspapers wrongly believing that the Andor season one production was Kenobi back in 2021. The user later realised that this bunker set was very close to Jelly’s Hollow, a location used in Andor season one for flashbacks of young Cassian Andor – specifically the scene where he and the other children discover a fallen spaceship, and thought that perhaps it was linked to Andor season two filming.

Images from Reddit user

As mentioned, we were already following up on Andor filming leads in Surrey anyway, so my friend ventured to the location the Reddit used posted about in hopes of confirming his post and to get some pictures ourselves. Hours were spent at the location attempting to hunt down EE or PDX signs, but unfortunately none were discovered. However we did find filming signs in the area that the user posted for BKB which stands for Black Branch. Locals in the area familiar with filming taking place all also pointed us in the direction of the BKB production, which again, is not Andor or The Acolyte and it appears it’s the only production taking place in the area currently. After looking into Black Branch, it appears it could be a codename for an upcoming film directed by Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) starring Anya Taylor Joy (The Northman) and Miles Teller (Top Gun: Maverick), titled The Gorge. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Star Wars return to this area given the successful Andor season one shoot, and that Andor has been shooting in locations used for season one.

Images of signs near the set the Reddit user discovered. Black Branch/BKB is NOT Andor.

I love when fellow fans seek out Star Wars sets – it’s exciting and gives us a peek behind the curtain, but if you’re hoping to find Andor or The Acolyte sets then you must look for pink signs with EE (Andor) or PDX (The Acolyte) printed on them. Most filming signs are pink in colour, but it’s the letters on them that are the most important. Following random pink signs with other letters on them will likely lead you to a set that isn’t Star Wars related, and in recent weeks it has become somewhat frequent that hopeful fans are posting about Star Wars filming locations that aren’t actually Star Wars filming locations due to them finding pink signs with random letters printed on them and not EE or PDX. Sometimes if a production is filming close to you, you may receive a letter or notice regarding filming nearby and the letter itself may reveal the name of the production – for example, in 2021, some people received letters stating that a Pinewood Studios production named Pilgrim (Andor) would be filming in their area.

Andor season two is planning for more on locations shoots over the next few months ahead of production wrapping in August. Season two of the critically acclaimed series is due to release in the latter half of 2024.

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