March 16, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

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Today it’s been revealed by that Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon will be accompanied by his own Stormtroopers in The Mandalorian season three. Currently we have little details on the Troopers role in the third season, including what they’re called, but the outlet did reveal a drawing of the trooper after seeing the design first hand various times and that they’ll act as Gideon’s point guards, standing with the Moff in battle. You can see the mock up below.

We’ve yet to see Moff Gideon in the third season of The Mandalorian, we haven’t even seen him in promotional material, but we had a minor update on the character during this weeks episode of The Mandalorian. During Chapter 19, a discussion is had amongst of group of Amnesty Officers along with Doctor Pershing, where Amnesty Officer G27 claimed that Moff Gideon had escaped the New Republic’s shackles after being captured at the end of The Mandalorian season two and was awaiting trial. However, another character in the scene, Amnesty Officer M34, dismisses the claim that Gideon has escaped, claiming it’s a cover up for the New Republic torturing the Imperial with a mind flayer, the device we see used on Doctor Pershing at the end of the latest episode.

Past reports from MakingStarWars claimed that Moff Gideon’s appearance this season would be updated, as the Imperial would now be sporting a Mandalorian helmet. The helmet will reportedly be black in colour with a red T-Visor, along with horns atop of it, similar in design to Darth Maul’s Death Watch members seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. StarWarsNewsNet also mentioned that Moff Gideon will also be sporting a red and black jet pack in addition to his fancy new helmet.

I’m looking forward to finally seeing Gideon return to our screens sometime this season, currently there’s been no insight as to when we can expect to see the Moff. As we know, there’s rumblings regarding his whereabouts on Coruscant, and it appears that Elia Kane may be taking orders from Gideon as she remains undercover in the New Republic Amnesty program. This is just a theory, but I fully expect to see Gideon coming face-to-face with both Din Djarin and Bo Katan Kryze on Mandalore towards the end of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gideon best Din in combat to win back the Darksaber, only to be challenged, and likely beaten, by Bo Katan, who has a score to settle with the Moff.

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