March 21, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

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In early February it was reported by both Las Provinas and Perdidos en Hoth, that the second season of Andor was gearing up to film scenes in the city of Valencia located in Spain. At the time there was little to no details about the shoot, but fans began speculating that the Rogue One spin-off would film at the City of Arts and Science purely based on its futuristic design. However today it’s been revealed thanks to various set pictures that Andor season two is currently filming at Valencia’s City of Arts and Science.

The City of Arts and Science has previously been used by Disney for their 2015 film, Tomorrowland, which was written Damon Lindelof, who recently exited the Star Wars movie he was developing for Lucasfilm. The location has also been used for the HBO series, Westworld, Peacock’s Brave New World which starred Star Wars alumni Alden Ehrenreich, and Bill and Ted Face the Music.

Extras on set of Andor season two | via QuiGonnews

Details on the shoot are still fairly sparse on my end, but the production is expected to be in Valencia for around two months with the production venturing to the Spanish city earlier this week. I don’t know what the location is being used for in the Star Wars universe, but there’s been whispers of Chandrila, the home of Genevieve O’Riley’s Mon Mothma, appearing in Andor’s second season. Though I’ve heard nothing of substance, it’s fun to speculate on and the location does bare a resemblance to Chandrila, and given how high class the extras look at the Valencia shoot, it’s quite possible that it’s for the upper echelon of Chandrian citizens, or perhaps even attendees to the wedding of Mon Mothma’s child, Leida, and the son of Davo Sculdun, which was teased at the end of Andor’s first season. However the more likely option is that the location could be doubling for a part of Coruscant we’ve yet to see on screen.

In addition to filming beginning in Valencia, various people have spotted actor Benjamin Bratt alongside Andor production members, including one of the series directors, Janus Metz in the area. The website, Levante, also posted an image of Bratt and Metz posing for a group photo. Perhaps it’s merely a coincidence that Bratt has been hanging around Andor production members, or maybe we can expect to see the actor in the critically acclaimed series. Bratt recently starred in the hit Peacock series, Poker Face, which was created by Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Rian Johnson, and starred in popular films from the noughties such as Traffic, Miss Congeniality, and the infamous, Catwoman.

Benjamin Bratt alongside Janus Metz
Benjamin Bratt in Poker Face | Peacock

Earlier this week it was reported by Levante that Andor would be filming at the Castell de Xàtiva, a fortress with a deep and rich history which dates back to Roman and Iberian times. In the report it’s revealed that visitors will not be allowed to access the location from the second of April until the seventh, meaning Andor will likely film at the location during that timeframe.

Castell de Xàtiva

Andor is expected to wrap filming in August ahead of a release inside the latter half of 2024. The second season of Andor will also be its final, and the series is expected to have a presence at this years Star Wars Celebration which takes place at the ExCel Centre in London, and kicks off on April 7th.

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