April 7, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

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Another week and another Star Wars rumour from renowned journalist and insider, Jeff Sneider. This week, Sneider took to his podcast, The Hot Mic to divulge what he’s been hearing in relation to Star Wars Celebration, which begins today.

Sneider started things off by revealing he’s heard that a new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will debut at the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase panel, and that the first trailer for the upcoming live-action Star Wars series, Ahsoka, will also be unveiled. Fans have long speculated on getting trailers from both Jones and Ahsoka at the event, and back in February, I reported that a trailer for Ahsoka will debut at Star Wars Celebration, but I’m unsure if the trailer will debut at the Lucasfilm Showcase Panel, or the dedicated Ahsoka which takes place a day later. Sneider himself didn’t specify which day, Friday or Saturday, but currently all signs point to the Ahsoka trailer debuting later today.

After briefly discussing the trailers he’s heard will debut at the event, Jeff Sneider moved on to what he considers to be the biggest piece of news, and it arguably is. Sneider revealed that a source of his keeps hearing that a movie directed by The Mandalorian executive producer, and Star Wars: Rebels creator, Dave Filoni, will be announced during Star Wars Celebration at the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase, which kicks off tomorrow from 11am BST.

This is what I am hearing. This is the big rumour of this week. I would say that my source is so close to Star Wars Celebration that my traditional Star Wars source couldn’t answer my questions. So, I got no comments on a bunch of this stuff. But, this was the rumour and came from the person who’s given me a lot of good Amazon stuff over the last few months. Okay, they are hearing that, and this shouldn’t be a gigantic surprise, but they keep hearing, and I told you last week there’s going to be three Star Wars movies that are announced tomorrow. One is Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s movie, the one that [Damon] Lindelof left, and then there’s two others. We don’t really have any details, well I guess one is Taika Waititi’s if they officially do that. But, this other one I keep hearing, grain of salt, I hear that Dave Filoni is going to get one of the three movies. Dave Filoni, I guess, is going to be directing – does he direct? I think one of the movies will be his. I’ve heard they’re trying to codify the Star Wars universe around the world that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have created, which is why these other movies are sort of being killed. So, it sounds like Dave Filoni is the new George Lucas in terms of designing the universe going forward.”

The news is somewhat surprising given that three movies are expected to be announced at Star Wars Celebration today, and we know of three in active development – Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s film, Taika Waititi’s and another from Shawn Levy. We’d previously heard that Filoni was involved in the Obaid-Chinoy project to some degree, and given his role at Lucasfilm, you’d expect him to be involved with the others too. I’m sure many fans are delighted by this news that Filoni could get a chance at writing and directing his own live-action Star Wars movie. We fortunately won’t need to wait long for confirmation on this report, as the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase kicks off in around seven hours.

Unfortunately the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase will not be live streamed this year, and neither will the Ahsoka panel. However, I’ll be running a live-blog for both the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase later today, which you can follow along here, and another for the Ahsoka panel on Saturday, so you can get minute-by-minute updates on all the news from those panels.

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