April 20, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

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In March of last year, Jeff Sneider via The Ankler broke that Lost scribe, Damon Lindelof, was writing a Star Wars movie. In the months that followed it was reported by various outlets that the project had found a director in Ms. Marvel’s Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, had a writers room assembled, and that the project was being co-written by Counterpart’s Justin Britt-Gibson. Sneider, the journalist that broke the initial news on Lindelof, provided various updates in those months too, including that an unknown male actor of colour was on board the project in a leading role and that the actor in question came attached to project early days. We never found out who that mystery actor was, with names such as Brian Tyree Henry (Bullet Train) and Yahya Abdul Mateen II (Aquaman) mentioned in speculation. However, according to Jeff Sneider on the latest episode of The Hot Mic podcast, that mystery actor is no longer attached to the project due to the story changes in the script following the departure of Damon Lindelof.

Whoever it was, that person is no longer attached to the project and it’s mainly due to the story changes – they threw out [Damon] Lindelof’s script and brought in Steven Knight. And whoever that actor was is no longer attached.” – Jeff Sneider

It’s unsurprising that the talent that came attached to the project due to Damon Lindelof’s involvement have departed the film following his exit and a likely delay in production. Original rumours regarding film pointed towards a Summer start, but new reports claim that filming will begin in February following the creative shake-up which saw Lindelof and Britt-Gibson exit the project in February after turning a script and being replaced by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight. Sneider reaffirmed that the film was still aiming to release in December 2025, which has been reported before and after the Lindelof exit, and that Lucasfilm are looking to begin pre-production this August and likely won’t be casting until around that time.

I’m told that, we’ve been saying all along that the Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy project I guess – it’s no longer the Damon Lindelof project, the Steven Knight and SOC project, the movie that Lucasfilm releases in December 2025 and to that I am told that pre-production will start in August, and so casting will start around then. They may be making lists right now at Lucasfilm for who they want in that movie, but I don’t think they’ve gone out to any talent and I don’t think they will until after the Summer. I would expect answers before Labor Day.” – Jeff Sneider

Though Sneider mentions we shouldn’t expect casting updates on the project until later this Summer, one name that’s been announced is Daisy Ridley, who’s returning to the role of Rey Skywalker in the flick that’s set fifteen years after the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and will see the her creating a new Jedi Order, though Sneider adds that from what he’s heard, Ridley will not be the lead in the film, but a supporting character. Another sequel trilogy cast member fans have speculated about regarding an appearance in the film is that of John Boyega, who’s character, Finn, hinted at having the Force in The Rise of Skywalker. Boyega’s name has yet to be attached to the project, but Jeff Sneider’s Hot Mic co-host, John Rocha, revealed on the latest episode of their show, that according to his sources, Boyega will be returning to the role of Finn in the untitled New Jedi Order movie.

I’ll tell you this – I’ll break this for myself. According to some sources that I know, a couple of sources, different sources have reached out to me because of this show [The Hot Mic], and according to them and what they’re hearing is…John Boyega will be coming back for this movie. That’s what I’ve been hearing from a couple of my sources, trusted people that I know.“ – John Rocha

Rocha, who’s not built the reputation of reliable reports that Jeff Sneider has just yet, shared that the sources who told him this information had previously told him accurate details regarding James Gunn’s DC Studios slate and it was just a handful of weeks ago that Rocha shared information pertaining to Lucasfilm on his show that his co-host Jeff Sneider had also heard.

If Rocha’s words are to be believed then it offers a very exciting update for Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy flick, and will likely be an update that fans looking forward to the project will celebrate and will without question drum up more excitement for the project.

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