April 8, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

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Earlier today dedicated Ahsoka series panel at Star Wars Celebration which one our very own was able to attend and share various details. As you’d expect, a lot was said, but not a whole lot was said in relation to new news, but we got exciting tidbits and confirmation on past reports and rumours.

Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Rosario Dawson (Ahsoka), Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Sabine Wren), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Hera Syndulla), Diana Lee Inosanto, Ray Stevensen, and Ivanna Sakhno, all took to the stage to talk briefly about their experiment working on the series, their love for Star Wars, and how Star Wars: Rebels influenced their performances (Rosario, Mary, Natasha).

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Hera Syndulla (we exclusively reported she was last year), confirmed that when we pick up with her character, she is a general of the New Republic, and has assumed a motherly role. Natasha Liu Bordizzo revealed that she trained relentlessly for months after watching Star Wars: Rebels so she didn’t feel like a fraud when she finally got to don Sabine Wren’s costume.

As the panel continued, Chopper was brought out on stage where Rosario Dawson revealed that throughout the series Chopper has “beef” with various other droids, and that we’ll see his hatred for Loth Cats. Speaking of droids, it was confirmed that David Tennant (Doctor Who) will be reprising the role of Huyang from Star Wars: Rebels, and will be voicing the character once again in the Ahsoka series.

As we moved past our leading characters and the Ghost Crew, we finally came face-to-face with the lightsaber wielding bad guys from the series. Ray Stevensen (Vikings) and Ivanna Sakhno (Pacific Rim) took to the stage to announce the names of their characters. Stevensen will play Baylan Skoll and Sakhno plays Shin Hati, both of who work for Morgan Elsbeth’s character who is deeply loyal to Grand Admiral Thrawn. Stevensen and Sakhno were forbidden by series creator Dave Filoni from speaking any further about their exciting new characters, as everything related to them is a spoiler. However, Filoni did reveal that the Ahsoka stunt coordinator, Ming Qui, plays a villainous role in the series, though the name of the character was not shared, but a photo was, which you can see below.

As the panel neared it’s end, Dave Filoni announced that the composer of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars: Rebels, Kevin Kiner, would be scoring the Ahsoka series, to fans delight. Filoni also shared the list of directors helming the Ahsoka series, which of course includes Dave Filoni himself, as well as, Peter Ramsey (The Mandalorian), Rick Famuyiwa (The Mandalorian), Steph Green (The Book of Boba Fett), Geeta Patel (House of the Dragon), and Jennifer Getzinger (Jessica Jones).

To close out the panel, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau announced that those in attendance would be getting an alternate trailer to the one released to the general public yesterday, which they described as a remix. As you can imagine, the vast majority of the trailer was what shown yesterday, but quick new shots included in the remixed trailer included the face of Grand Admrial Thrawn which confirmed that Lars Mikkelsen’s will reprise the role of Grand Admiral Thrawn after voicing the character in Star Wars: Rebels, a speeder chase on Lothal, Sabine Wren using Ezra Bridger’s green lightsaber in combat against Shin and Sabine flying alongside the Purgill.

Ahsoka will release sometime in August on Disney+.

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