April 7, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

Back in February, we reported that the Ahsoka trailer would debut at Star Wars Celebration 2023, and that came to fruition at the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase. Series creator and showrunner, Dave Filoni, along with series executive producer, Jon Favreau, appeared on stage to discuss the highly anticipated series. Favreau showered Filoni with high praise for what he’s done for the series, what’s he’s done for Star Wars as a whole, and what a gift he was for writing and world building, before the duo brought out the series lead, Rosario Dawson, who hinted at a second season of the series.

As the segment went on, Favreau and Filoni brought out Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who plays Sabine Wren in the series, along with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and confirmed that the latter plays Hera Syndulla in the live-action series, something we exclusively reported last year. The trio unveiled the first poster for the series which sported the release window of August, and joked that the poster is all they brought with them, before Dave Filoni announced that the world will be getting to see the first teaser trailer for the series, which you can see below.

The trailer opens with Ahsoka Tano walking through what appears to be old Jedi temple ruins, something that was seen in the trailer shown at Star Wars Celebration last year, and was from a set we first got pictures of, as Tano says she feels something dark coming. We see shots of Sabine Wren with a Loth cat intercut with Tano facing off against droids at the aforementioned temple as Ray Stevenson’s mysterious character (rumoured to be named Baylon) claims that a war is coming. Hera Syndulla and Chopper are seen in a dog fight, as Ivanna Sakhno’s character (rumoured to be named Shin), ignites a red lightsaber and attacks what looks like an Imperial starship. Ahsoka Tano meets with Sabine Wren who states it’s been a long time since they’ve seen one another, with Ahsoka responding that something has changed and that she’s heard whispers of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return, and that he’s the heir to the Empire, as we see quick shots of a worried Mon Mothma and Thrawn from behind walking through a white and gold room. We then get a look at Ray Stevenson’s Baylon, who dons black armour, as he ignites his crimson blade in the world between worlds as he faces off against Ahsoka Tano. Hera Syndulla warns the New Republic that we should expect the worst, as Shin is seen in a ship firing at Ahsoka Tano’s starfighter and a hooded Baylon walking down the hallway of a New Republic cruiser, deflecting blaster bolts and force choking New Republic troops in a scene very reminiscent to the infamous Darth Vader hallway scene from Rogue One. Sabine stares longingly at a hologram of her missing friend, Ezra Bridger (played by Eman Esfandi), as Ahsoka faces off against an Inquisitor looking character which sports a helmet similar to a medieval knight, before smashing a window, jumping out of a building and landing on her feet, igniting her lightsabers, as the trailer comes to an end.

Ahsoka, just like The Mandalorian, will have an eight episode season with Dave Filoni telling Collider that the episodes will have a similar length to shows he’s had a hand in before including The Mandalorian, telling the outlet that unlike George Lucas, he wants his Star Wars to be faster and more intense. He added that in latest cuts of the episodes, they’re similar in length, at least for now, to The Mandalorian.


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