July 8, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

Today a new LEGO set from the upcoming Star Wars live-action series, Ahsoka, has appeared online and has prematurely revealed a redesign for the child of Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla.

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Back in April it was reported that Jacen Syndulla would feature in an upcoming LEGO set for the Ahsoka series. The set itself features a well loved and familiar ship from the Star Wars: Rebels, the Ghost as well as the phantom. At the time the only details available pertaining to the Ghost set is that it would feature both Jacen and Hera Syndulla, along with the droid Chopper from Rebels, and along with two mysterious characters. The Australian LEGO Megastore offered a first official look at the LEGO set and has provided new details on the set, sharing a series of images of the upcoming release revealing it’ll feature a new character, First Officer Hawkins and Lieutenant Beyta, the former being a human male and the latter a Mon Calamari. Beyta and Hawkins were seen in a background shot of the Ahsoka trailer from April, with the two characters stood behind Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Her Syndulla whilst Syndulla speaks with the holographic Mon Mothma. However the thing of the most interest to me is that the upcoming Ahsoka will feature a redesign of Jacen Syndulla as you can see in a few images form the LEGO set below.


Jacen featured in the Rebels finale and sported green hair along with green eyebrows. The Ghost LEGO set shows Jacen donning brown hair and brown eyebrows, a far cry from the look the character had in Star Wars: Rebels. Though we’re operating simply off of the design of a LEGO mini figure, it seems Jacen will look more similar to the average looking human in the Star Wars universe, at least in regards to the mini-fig, it does not appear as if Jacen will feature much of an appearance reminiscent of his mother Hera’s species, Twi’lek.

Lieutenant Beyta and First Officer Hawkins

As to why Lucasfilm have opted to significantly change the design of Jacen Syndulla, we do not know at this time. However the most likely scenario is that they believe the redesigned look would come across better in live-action as opposed to the character sporting bright green hair and eyebrows. Personally I think there likely would’ve been a way to make it work, we recently saw Netflix successfully do so with their upcoming live-action adaptation of the beloved anime series, One Piece, which features a character named Roronoa Zoro who also sports green hair.

The Ahoksa series is set to debut on Disney+ on August 23rd and the Ghost LEGO set is expected to be released in September.

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