August 18, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

Following a successful fan screening last night, Lucasfilm and Disney have officially announced that the Ahsoka series will debut on August 22nd instead of the 23rd.

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Lucasfilm shared the news on X (Twitter) that the two episode Ahsoka premiere will release at 6pm PT on August 22nd, that equates to 2am on August 23rd for viewers located in the United Kingdom (which I am). The move is far more convenient for US audiences, but less so for those located in Europe – I guess it’s our turn to stay up late for Star Wars TV for once. The first episode of Ahsoka is reportedly 54 minutes in length and the second 42 minutes, both of which include credits.

As mentioned earlier in the article, last night saw Lucasfilm host a fan-screening event (which also included journalists) for the first two episodes of the highly anticipated series and various members of the press also received access to screeners at home. Following the screening, fans and press were able to share their social media reactions which has been very positive with reviews for Ahsoka reportedly releasing on August 22nd. Below you can read a handful of reactions to the first two episodes.



Charles Murphy: Episode 1 is fantastic. Part A New Hope; Part Raiders of the Lost Ark; Part Rebels sequel, obviously. I’ll say this, Filoni is getting GOOD…I mean really good. Episode 2 is shorter, but a very good instalment of the ongoing New Republic saga. Steph Green nailed it. Here’s the real deal on the two episode: compelling villains, great lightsaber duels, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is great, Natasha Liu Bordizzo is a great Sabine and her untold story with Ahsoka is very interesting. If you loved Rebels and you love Star Wars, this is undoubtedly your jam. I fucking loved it.

Adam Frazier: The first two episodes of AHSOKA are absolute perfection – Dave Filoni has put his heart and soul into this series and this STAR WARS REBELS fan is so, so happy. Sabine’s entrance is an all-timer, man. Can’t wait to watch these episodes again and again.

Steven Weintraub (Collider): First two episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ are really good. Even if you’ve never seen ‘Rebels’ or ‘Clone Wars’ it’s super easy to follow. Impressed with the action & how it’s all story. No side missions or filler. Can’t wait to see episode 3. Wish I could watch future episodes on a movie screen.

Klein Felt (The Direct): The first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ are pure Star Wars bliss. This is for Rebels what I’d hoped ‘Obi-Wan’ would’ve been for the Prequels. Rosario Dawson shines, but it’s Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s Sabine who blew me away. Ahsoka is the Disney+ Jedi epic fans have been waiting for.

Joe Schmidt ( Ahsoka’ is definitely the sequel to ‘Rebels’ that Star Wars fans have been waiting for. While it’s not perfect, it looks better than most other D+ productions like ‘Mando’ and ‘Boba Fett,’ but not on the level of ‘Andor.’ Love the focus on Sabine Wren, but can see where casuals get lost.


Germain Lussier (Gizmondo): I think ‘Ahsoka’ has a lot of potential. As a ‘Rebels’ fan, I felt a connection to it that was truly special. And yet it’s hugely epic at some times & oddly flat at others. Sabine is the standout through & by Ep 2 I was fully sucked in. It could go south but I don’t think it will.

Kristen Maldonado: The first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ are incredibly slow and wooden. Rosario Dawson is very flat in the title role, but Natasha Liu Bordizzo is a stand out. Visuals are hit or miss, some feel low budget at times. Super fans may enjoy the show, but newcomers/casual fans will be lost.

Johnathan Sim (Buzzfeed): The first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ are a mixed bag. A gorgeously crafted continuation of the world and characters from ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ and ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ mixed with mediocre writing. The characters are not investing yet, particularly the villains. Great potential.

Brian Davids (The Hollywood Reporter): I enjoyed the first two episodes of ‘Ahsoka,’ and the best part about it is that it’s focused on telling one grand story. I’ve never watched the animated shows, so I don’t know the ins and outs of these characters’ backstories, but their dynamics are clear.

Eric Goldman (Fandom): A promising start for ‘Ahsoka’ with many cool story elements that expand the Star Wars universe and feel different from ‘Mando.’ Ep 1 has some slow moments involving a MacGuffin but Ep 2 really gels. Sabine is a standout. I think those meeting her for first time will really dig her.

Star Wars News Net: Overall thumbs up. First episode is refreshing well-structured. Packs in classic Star Wars corniness, sometimes too much. It starts off as A New Hope on TV with some sequel trilogy flavor as well then moves to Star Wars Rebels in live-action, again sometimes too much. The heart of the show so far is Sabine, Liu Bordizzo nailed it and makes up for any negatives. True standout Kiner Music.

In addition to the announcement that Ahsoka will be releasing slightly earlier than first expected, Lucasfilm also shared the first clip taken from the upcoming series.

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