December 5, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

You may recall an exclusive article of mine from three months ago where I shared various updates on the release of major live-action Star Wars series due to released within the next two years. Within the article, I shared that Skeleton Crew, the series created by Jon Watts and Christopher Ford had been delayed into 2024 and may not release until November 2024. In addition I shared that The Acolyte, which didn’t have an announced window, but I’d heard earlier in the year was looking to release in the second quarter of 2024 had suffered a minor delay and that my speculation leaned towards an August 2024 – August 2024 was the second and final season of Andor was due to be released. In the same article, from three months ago (September), I shared that I’d heard from sources that Andor season two had been delayed until early 2025 and now, a credited outlet and journalist are reporting the same.

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Yesterday I decided to take a bit of a victory lap in an article I wrote covering a Disney UK press release that finally confirmed Skeleton Crew had been delayed into 2024 and did not list Andor season two for release. The victory lap wasn’t to celebrate the delay of any series, but rather to showcase the accuracy of a report I published three months ago which many online have tried to fight against, wrongly credited another outlet or don’t credited me whatsoever.


Since the exclusive report of mine from September, another reliable outlet, MakingStarWars, corroborated my information pertaining to Skeleton Crew from three months, that Skeleton Crew had been delayed by up to a year (November 2024). MSW shared last week that they’d heard from multiple sources that Skeleton Crew was looking to release in the festive period of 2024, between later November and Christmas. Now, another reliable outlet, Gizmodo and a trusted writer for the outlet, Germain Lussier, have corroborated what I reported three months ago in regards to Andor’s second season, that it’s been delayed into 2025.

Lussier took to X (formally Twitter) to update his followers on an article that detailed the Disney UK press release. Lussier when sharing the article added, “Quick update on this story. Andor almost certainly moved to 2025 while Skeleton Crew and Acolyte likely to be the only two 2024 live-action Star Wars shows.” Lussier added in his Gizmodo article that one source shared that Andor season two was delayed into 2025 due to the SAG-AFTRA strike that paused production on the series during the Summer and to give Lucasfilm enough time needed to release the two 2024 live-action series, The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew.

As I reported back in September. I had heard The Acolyte will slip into the Summer of 2024, with my personal speculation being it takes Andor’s initially planned August window, and Skeleton Crew will release later in November. This schedule allows no room for the Andor release. As I shared three months ago and as Lussier shares now’s, Andor season two will now more than likely release in 2025, with my report stating early 2025 specifically.


Andor continued to film for a number of days following the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike, and filmed all that they could without SAG actors before halting production. Andor reportedly had just a few weeks left of filming before the production was paused and there’s been no update as to when production will pick up once again. My personal belief is next year. Some outlets claimed Andor season two had restarted filming at Pinewood Studios, London recently after Snowtroopers were spotted on the lot. However, this was not for Andor season two, but rather for Pinewood’s Future Festival which took place on November 24th and 25th, when the Snowtroopers were spotted.

Andor will not be the only live-action Star Wars series to release in 2025, as the fourth season of The Mandalorian is planned to release that year also. I had heard pre-strikes that The Mandalorian season four was planned for a 2025 and still hear that it is still the case post strikes, just a little later than initially planned.

Lastly, The Bad Batch season three. As I shared in my September article, The Bad Batch season three is planned to release in 2024. As I stated in yesterday’s article covering the Disney U.K. press release that The Bad Batch was absent from, it is still planned for release in 2024. In addition, Germain Lussier also shared that The Bad Batch season three is still planned to release next year. Don’t worry Bad Batch fans, you’ll be getting your fix of Omega, Wrecker and the gang next year as planned.

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