March 11, 2024
by Bespin Bulletin

Last week, Brendan Wayne, one of the actors who portrays Din Djarin in The Mandalorian alongside Lateef Crowder and Pedro Pascal, spoke with the Chatooine podcast about various topics relating to his time of the hit Disney+ series. During the ninety minute chat, Wayne briefly discussed the recently announced The Mandalorian and Grogu movie, the planned follow-up and ‘MandoVerse’ crossover set to be directed by Dave Filoni, as well as the status of a fourth season of The Mandalorian.

Early on in the interview, the topic of The Mandalorian becoming a film series arose, with the hosts bringing up the follow-up film to The Mandalorian and Grogu which is set to be directed by Dave Filoni and has been described as crossover event for the various Disney+ series he’s produced, which include The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett and Ahsoka. Wayne played coy regarding that movie, saying that he can’t confirm or deny the existence of it, but added that he thinks that Lucasfilm should make three films.

I don’t know. We’ll see. I can neither confirm nor deny. At this point I think they’re going to make three honestly. There’s gotta be three.” – Brendan Wayne

I’m sure some will think the response from Wayne is somewhat odd when the Dave Filoni film was announced officially by Lucasfilm at last years Star Wars Celebration. There’s always a ton of rumours swirling around Star Wars, so I’m sure Wayne’s conservative answer was due to that fact, and that he was just playing it safe if he was unsure in the moment if that movie had been announced officially, or if it was just an online rumour.

As the conversation continued, Wayne didn’t want to commit to saying anything concerning what fans can expect in The Mandalorian and Grogu and instead turned the questioning onto the hosts. Wayne asked them what they expect from the movie and one of the points brought up was that the ending of The Mandalorian and Grogu would set up Dave Filoni’s crossover film and the conflict with Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Imperial remnant. Wayne responded, but didn’t give much of a response, instead he pushed the idea of The Mandalorian and Grogu becoming a film trilogy that would include Filoni’s crossover flick.

Okay, so I don’t know anything. I’m being honest on this part, on that last part you said, ‘it’s going to set up Dave’s movie.’ From what I understand and from what I’ve read, Dave is still doing ‘Ahsoka’ two, season two, so I have the feeling that this movie is going, ‘Ahsoka’ two is going, there’s another movie, so I don’t see how Dave doesn’t do the final movie. I gotta believe there’s three [movies]. I don’t know anything, I’m being honest. I gotta believe there’s a trilogy. Who doesn’t do a trilogy? That’s so weird. Like if they only do two movies, it’s weird.” – Brendan Wayne

One of the biggest questions on fans minds in recent months since the announcement of The Mandalorian and Grogu movie, is will there be a fourth season of The Mandalorian? Last Spring, Jon Favreau confirmed he had already written the scripts for a fourth season and that they were already in pre-production. Filming on the fourth season was due to begin towards the tail end of September 2023, but production was indefinitely halted in May when the WGA strike began. Since the announcement of The Mandalorian and Grogu, there’s been conflicting reports on the already announced fourth season, even within the Hollywood trades. Brendan was asked if there’s going to be fourth season of the hit Disney+ series and said the following:

No. I know we’re doing a movie for sure. That’s what I know. But unless they’re going to abandon streaming, why do you abandon the thing you built your foundation on? Which is streaming – which is The Mandalorian. I mean that as humbly as I can say it. There’s a reason The Mandalorian premiered when Disney+ opened up. It isn’t because we had this incredible library that everybody wants to subscribe to, it’s because you had a show that was going to bring a character alive that we all dreamed of since we watched Star Wars, which was a Boba Fett-like character.”

Though Wayne initially says no to a fourth season, he follows it up questioning why Lucasfilm or Disney would abandon the platform that made The Mandalorian what it is today, which makes it seem as if Wayne wants the Disney+ series to continue, all while pushing the idea of doing three theatrically released movies of The Mandalorian. Personally I think it’s one or the other. Either The Mandalorian story continues on the big screen, or the story continues on the streaming service. If The Mandalorian and Grogu performs well at the box office, remember Disney these days are focusing on theatrical releases instead of streaming, then I’m sure that story will be continued to be told on the big screen and that the streaming series will be ‘abandoned.’

Lastly Wayne was finally asked about the rumours of the The Mandalorian and Grogu starting filming in June, something that’s been reported multiple times from various outlets over the last couple of months. Wayne kept his answer brief, but confirmed the June start saying, “That’s what I heard. That’s what I keep reading. I think Jon [Favreau] said June.”

Though there was a ton of tidbits for fans desperate for any information regarding The Mandalorian and Grogu, the interview was a fun one to listen to and we at least got confirmation from one of the stars that filming on the movie is due to begin in June – just three months away. It feels like we’ve had a lot of false dawns when it comes to getting a Star Wars movie in the theatres following The Rise of Skywalker, but it appears as if this one will actually come to fruition. Oh, and Wayne also confirmed that he’s in the Din Djarin suit for characters upcoming Star Tours appearance.

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