April 27, 2024
by Bespin Bulletin

Readers here would know that I’m an avid Fortnite player, so when there’s new Star Wars content coming to the battle royale, I’m always looking to keep fans and my fellow players updated.

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Over the past few weeks we’ve known thanks to leaks and data-miners that a number of skins and Star Wars related items would be coming to the game. First off data-miners revealed that Chewbacca’s Bowcaster was set to arrive for May the fourth. Typically when specific Star Wars weapons are added, like Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, it usually means that the owner of the weapon will be getting a skin, thus led to speculation that Chewbacca would finally be getting a skin in Fortnite. In addition to Chewbacca’s Bowcaster leak, a new Leia Organa skin dubbed ‘Adventure’ was found in the files and was reported to be present during the same time in Fortnite’s Item Shop as the Chewbacca skin. What the Leia skin is isn’t known, though data-miners believe it’s an outfit seen in Star Wars; Battlefront II and various Star Wars comic books.

Shortly after Fortnite announced that a new Star Wars event would begin on May third in celebration of Star Wars day – May fourth.


In the weeks that followed it was reported by data-miners that John Williams’ ‘Cantina Band’ track would be added to Fortnite’s rhythm mode, Fortnite Festival. At this time it’s unclear if ‘Cantina Band’ will be the only track added in-game, though leakers/data-miners have suggested we could get more than one song. In an in-game video present in Fortnite yesterday it was confirmed that the Star Wars event would encompass three game modes – battle royale, Festival and LEGO. LEGO Fortnite could just be LEGO variants of newly planned skins of battle royale characters, which typically happens, or that it could also include LEGO specific items or sets. Data-miners haven’t made any comments on LEGO sets, but we do know the skins being added to battle royale will receive LEGO variants and that the mode will also see the inclusion of NPC’s, lightsabers and blasters.

UPDATE: April 29th @ 3PM BST – Fortnite shared an image of Chewbacca’s skin

Back to original article.

Last week a partially complete image leaked of LEGO Fortnite’s Star Wars update. The image itself contained LEGO variants of characters that currently aren’t in Fortnite, with those characters being a Death Trooper, Chewbacca, C3PO, a Rebel Fleet Commander and a Rebel Fleet Trooper. This leak, if accurate and we believe it to be so – data-miners earlier this week discovered files relating to the Death Trooper, indicates that five Star Wars skins will be added to the item shop on May 3rd, six when you include the currently still under wraps Leia Organa skin. LEGO earlier this week even confirmed that Chewbacca will be coming to LEGO Fortnite, meaning a Chewbacca skin is officially coming to Fortnite on May 3rd.

Up until today we know of one confirmed skin (Chewbacca) and five additional skins set to arrive on May third. Fortnite has now confirmed that Lando Calrissian will be coming to Fortnite on May third and shared an image of the smoothest man in the galaxy jamming out in Fortnite’s Festival game mode. This now brings the number of skins possibly being added to Fortnite on May third to seven. It remains to be seen if there’ll be even more new skins added to the game on May third, but at this time it feels as if we have quite enough to satisfy fans.

It hasn’t been announced, but it’s expected past Star Wars skins will be brought back to the item shop from the third of May in addition to all the aforementioned new content. Lightsabers and force powers that were present in past Star Wars events will also return in battle royale on May the third.

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