April 9, 2024
by Bespin Bulletin

As announced last week, Ubisoft have revealed the second trailer for Star Wars: Outlaws, the story trailer, which also revealed the release date for the video game as August 30th, 2024.

The wind was taken out of Ubisoft’s sails earlier today when the Japanese Ubisoft YouTube channel prematurely revealed details of the video game in its video description. The Ubisoft Japan slip up revealed the video games release date, three versions of the game – base, Gold and Ultimate, along with revealing that the video game has a season pass.

The Gold version of Outlaws will set customers back $110/£94.99 and will allow users access to the game three days early. In addition, consumers will get access to the season pass, which is set to include two DLC’s, an exclusive mission at launch titled ‘Jabba’s Gambit’ along with the ‘Kessel Runner’ cosmetics pack.

The Ultimate version of Outlaws will cost $30 more than the Gold edition and $70 more than the base version at $140/£114.99 It includes everything mentioned in the Gold edition along with two more cosmetic packs, the Sabaac Shark pack and the Rogue Infiltrator pack, along with a digital art book for Outlaws.

The Kessel Runner bonus pack that is part of both the Gold and Ultimate editions will also be available for the base game which will cost customers $70/£59.99, but only if you pre-order the title. This means for the Gold version, the only two listings exclusive to the edition is the three days early access and the season pass. Also, this is a random thought, but the titles of the editions are so unimaginative – Gold and Ultimate, they could’ve done something a bit more fun with the Star Wars terms, Scoundrel edition or something along those lines.

Personally I’m not a fan of these editions, especially when we don’t know how much content will come as part of a season pass. The Gold edition is $40 more, that’s roughly the price of a season pass anyway, so I’m sure consumers could wait to pick up the season pass at a later time. At face value they don’t seem worth the prices of $110 or $140, for the latter I’d be expecting a little more, perhaps even some minor physical additions. I’ll be looking to play Outlaws, but I’ll likely only be purchasing the standard edition. Based on the two trailers we’ve now received, Outlaws has failed to really capture my interest. It could be that the game is fantastic, but unfortunately had two underwhelming trailers, and as mentioned, I’ll be looking to pick up the base game either way. I’m hoping Outlaws can raise my interest in the coming months, a lot more of the game will be shown before it’s late August launch, and I’m sure Ubisoft will really attempt to showcase the title at their Summer event, Ubisoft Foward in June.

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