April 15, 2024
by Bespin Bulletin

Star Wars took to Twitter today to announce that once again in celebration of May 4th, that Star Wars will have an event in Fortnite that will begin on the 3rd of May.

At this point, a Star Wars event on or around May 4th has become an annual tradition. Last year fans were treated to skins being added for Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala and an assortment of Clone Troopers in Fortnite’s item shop. In addition, Fortnite also launched an event mini-pass which granted free rewards, but also premium rewards for those that purchased the event’s mini pass, with the Darth Maul being rewarded to those that purchased the mini-pass and completed a series of quests. Fortnite also added Clone Trooper NPC’s onto the map that players could interact with and lightsaber weapons, which they’ve added every year, but usually there’s a new lightsaber for a whatever skin was being added – last year it was Anakin’s and the year before it was Obi-Wan Kenobi’s. In addition to Skywalker’s lightsaber being added as a limited time weapon, they also added force abilities such as force push and pull for a limited time.

Last year’s event was easily the biggest in terms of content that Fortnite had ever added and we will not be getting something to that scale again this year. Fortnite launch event mini-passes once a season and just a number of days ago launched the pass for this seasons event, Avatar: The Last Air Bender. However, there seems to be at least three additions coming to the battle royale in celebration of May 4th this year.

According to various data-miners and Fortnite leakers, a brand new Leia Organa skin is coming to the game and sports the name in the game files as a a ‘Rebel’ outfit. The data-miners don’t know for sure, but think it could possibly be Leia Organa’s Adventure outfit that was seen in Star Wars: Battlefront II and some comics – the outfit can be seen in this article’s featured image. Again, it’s just a rumour at best as to what the outfit for Leia will be, but there does appear to be a new Leia Organa skin releasing around May 4th. Currently Organa has two skins in the game, her iconic A New Hope look and a Boushh skin, the latter of which comes in helmet or helmetless options. These skins launched in October 2022 alongside A New Hope and Return of the Jedi skins for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. It’s possibly that the Leia skin could be her Hoth look from Empire Strikes Back, but it’s unknown at this time. At this time there’s also no mention of new Skywalker or Solo skins being in the works.


There’s also the possibility of a second new skin arriving on or around May 4th and that skin with said character being Chewbacca. There’s been no leaks of a Chewbacca skin, but there’s been leaks regarding a new weapon being added to Fortnite in celebration of May 4th. That weapon being Chewbacca’s bowcaster. As I mentioned earlier in the article, typically when a skin has been released, Fortnite adds their lightsaber into the game as a limited time weapon. If this time around they’re adding Chewbacca’s bowcaster, it stands to reason that Chewie will finally be coming to Fortnite. Fortnite are also bringing back lightsabers in-game alongside Chewbacca’s bowcaster and Force abilities.

Update – April 16th, 2024 @ 10:30am BST: The official LEGO X account has strongly hinted towards Chewbacca being added as a skin.

LEGO took to Twitter/X to quote the post from the official Star Wars account announcing the Star Wars Fortnite event and added the comment, “excited Wookiee noises. 5.3.2024.” Shortly after, a X user asked if this meant a LEGO Chewbacca would be added to the game, Fortnite added a LEGO mode back in December, but misspelled the word confirmed as conformed. LEGO responded jokingly saying, “conformed.”

The LEGO account was clearly having a bit of fun with the X user, but I see them commenting on the event taking place as a sign of new skins being introduced as skins now typically get LEGO variants. LEGO choosing to reference a Wookiee when it’s rumoured that Chewbacca is set to be part of the skins launching just seems like a further hint.

Original article from April 15th continues below.

In addition to the two possible skins, Fortnite are also reportedly adding John Williams’ ‘Cantina Band’ track as part of the Fortnite game mode, Fortnite Festival. The Festival game was mode added back in December and is a rhythm game akin to Rockband. Users play to an assortment of in rotation licensed songs from major artists across a multitude of genres such as The Weeknd, Lady Gaga and many more. Players can purchase the individual songs from the Fortnite item shop so they use the songs at their disposal in the Festival game mode instead of waiting for them to appear in rotation. It’s unclear at the time of writing if the Cantina Band track will be available for purchase in the Fortnite item shop.

There also seems as if there’ll be even more Star Wars content than what I’ve written about today. Fortnite data-miner, HYPEX, shared that in addition to the various items I’ve already written about that “MUCH MORE CONTENT” will be arriving around May the 4th. There’s been no details shared as to what else that could be, possibly even more skins? It seems as if the focus this time around is the original trilogy with skins for Chewie and Leia being added alongside the Cantina Band track. If the content being released is original trilogy based, there’s chances we get more skin variations of Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, but if they’re looking to add a new character, then Lando Calrissian feels like a no brainer.

I’ll keep readers updated with the Fortnite Star Wars event if any more details appear. As an avid player of the game, it’s always fun to have Star Wars content being added and I like the additions they’re making this year. Hopefully the Chewbacca skin comes with a C3PO back-bling inspired by Empire Strikes Back.

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