May 23, 2024
by Bespin Bulletin

This has become quite a tiresome story. It feels as if every couple of months Daisy Ridley is asked if she’s read the script for her untitled Star Wars movie directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy that’ll see Ridley return as Rey Skywalker and her response is always the same. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite excited for this movie and especially to see Ridley back as Rey. But this movie was announced officially thirteen months ago and was in development years before that moment, yet Daisy is still yet to read a script.

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Daisy is currently promoting Young Woman and the Sea, her latest starring role which see Ridley play Trudy Ederle, who was the first woman to ever swim across the English Channel in 1926, and as you’d expect, Ridley was asked about the status of New Jedi Order (working title). Collider asked Ridley if she’s now read the script for her upcoming Star Wars movie, as last we heard (last month) that she was due to read it this month. But Ridley responded, “That has not changed. But it is imminently about to change.

Though Daisy still hasn’t read the script, she does mention that will change pretty soon. Hopefully that means Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders) is close to cracking the script and that Lucasfilm are happy with the draft that he delivers, so much so that Daisy Ridley is finally allowed to get her eyes on it. Though I can’t help but wonder if in a few months Daisy is asked about the status of her script reading again as she promotes another project and we receive a similar answer to what we’ve been getting for months. I hope that’s not the case. I hope we’re closer to this movie being made than not.


I don’t want this script or project to be rushed and it seems as if Lucasfilm are taking their time to allow the script time to evolve into something that they are happy with. That’s what I want and I’m sure that’s what other fans want. My one issue is that this Rey Skywalker film started development in 2021 and was announced officially thirteen months ago. It was planned to be the film that returned Star Wars to the big screen. However, that’s no longer the case and the film could be even further away than what we think. My issue is that Lucasfilm announced the project prematurely. Just one month before they brought Ridley out at Star Wars Celebration in London in April last year, they let go of the films original writers, Damon Lindelof (Watchmen) and Justin Brit-Gibson (Into the Badlands) and hired Steven Knight. We were one month away from an impending Writers Guild of America strike, something the industry was well aware of. Kennedy at the time said Knight was due to hand in a draft in May after only working on the project for two months. The WGA strike ran from May until late September 2023.

The WGA strike most certainly hampered development, it changed plans. But we’re now eight months removed from the strikes end and there’s been no movement. There’s been reports in the past that Knight and Lucasfilm have had differences regarding the script and drafts he may or may not have handed in. They’re trying to get the script right and I applaud that, I really do. It’s been too often that scripts for certain projects are rushed just to get the project out by a specific date from Lucasfilm and that seems to not be the case here. I just think that they announced the project too early. Announcing the project only a month after hiring a writer for it seems a premature and ambitious.

The New Jedi Order film was expected to be the movie that brought Star Wars back to the big screen. That’s now going to be The Mandalorian and Grogu in May of 2026. There’s also now rumours that the untitled Star Wars film dated for December of 2026 might no longer be being held for New Jedi Order, but instead could see James Mangold’s Dawn of the Jedi release in its place, meaning New Jedi Order could slip into 2027.

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