June 10, 2024
by Bespin Bulletin

The second and final season of the critically acclaimed Disney+ series, Andor, wrapped production in February. The Star Wars series began filming in November 2022 and was originally slated to wrap filming by August of last year. Andor season two filmed primarily in the United Kingdom, and filmed mostly at Pinewood Studios, London. Thr production ventured to many places around the United Kingdom, including Wales, and even filmed in Spain.

However, due to the Writers Guild of America strike, the series creator, writer and showrunner, Tony Gilroy, had to step away from the production in May 2023. Production continued without Gilroy, but in July of 2023, production was paused and shut down indefinitely due to the start of the Screen Actors Guild strike with only a few weeks left of filming. Shooting restarted in January and quickly wrapped in February. Now, Andor season two appears to be having reshoots.


I was informed of Andor’s return to the U.K. via the X account, Bristol_Filming, which, as you might’ve guessed, keeps up and informs followers of various productions filming in the English city. Bristol_Filming reached out to me and informed me of a location being used and confirmed that signs posted in area featured ‘Pilgrim S2.’

Readers of this site should already be well aware that Pilgrim is the codename given to Andor for filming. The hopes with the signage is to attract less attention from the general public. One sign saying Star Wars is going to attract far more crowds and unwanted attention than something like Pilgrim. However, rabid Star Wars fans are well aware of the different codenames used for Star Wars productions and know signage could have different names for the same production. Andor for example has the codename Pilgrim, which appears on usually pink signs, and sometimes uses EE, which stands for E&E Productions – the production company used for Andor. So if anybody reading this comes across these signs in an area you’re in, Andor is filming or due to film at that location.

via Google Maps
images via Whatever’s Left

I was informed that Andor season two is currently filming at the Bank of England building located on Wine Street in Bristol. Various Pilgrim signs can be seen at the location, though they’re on basic A4 pieces of paper instead of the usual pink signs, with fences blocking off access to the buildings basement with generators from hired companies located outside. It’s currently unclear how long Andor will be filming at the location and when how long these reshoots are due to last.

Andor season two was first planned to release this August on Disney’s streaming service, but as I informed readers exclusively in September, the two aforementioned strikes changed Lucasfilm and Disney’s release plans for various Star Wars series they had wrapped filming or were still filming. In my report from September, I revealed that Skeleton Crew, a series from Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Jon Watts starring Jude Law (Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore) had suffered year long delay, placing in around November of this year. I also revealed that The Acolyte would be the first live-action Star Wars series of 2024 and that it would arrive in the second quarter of the year (it debuted June 4th) and that the second and final season of Andor had been delayed into early 2025.

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