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The Ahsoka series creator hopes for a second season of the series, teases a plan and talks the future being in motion.
The creator behind the Ahsoka series and producer of The Mandalorian, has been promoted to Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm.
On November 8th, 2023, SAG-AFTRA negotiators approved the latest proposal presented to them by the Hollywood studios, ending the longest actors strike on record at 118 days. What does it mean for upcoming Star Wars productions?
September 26, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin
After nearly five months, the Writers Guild of America strike has come to an end as the WGA and the Hollywood studios represented by the AMPTP have finally reached an agreement.
Can fans expect to see more Anakin Skywalker in the Ahsoka series following episodes four and five? We have the answer.
There’s been rumours of a young Ashoka Tano appearing in the Ahsoka series for quite some time, and now a rumour might reveal who is playing the part.​
The previously rumoured scenes of Anakin Skywalker facing off against his apprentice on Mustafar have reportedly been cut.
Star Wars fans got a pleasant surprise this ​week with the chosen one himself, Anakin Skywalker, making a cliffhanger appearance in Ahsoka episode four. Fans can expect to see more blasts from the past in the series with Clone Wars era content expected to feature.
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According to online rumours, the identity of the mysterious Marrok will be revealed in the next episode of the Ahsoka series.
The director of Ahsoka episode four took to X and has appeared to confirm rumours of the episodes runtime.

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