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The co-creator of Skeleton Crew has confirmed a rough release window for the series.
An actor set to appear in Lucasfilm’s Skeleton Crew series thinks that the series could release this Fall.
Names of the children leading Star Wars: Skeleton Crew revealed!
Name of the lead child in Star Wars: Skeleton Crew revealed.
The name of a prominent Skeleton Crew character revealed.
Disney have officially confirmed the release of two live-action Star Wars series for 2024, though one anticipated to release next year is absent.
We could be roughly an entire year from seeing the Jude Law led Star Wars series according to a new report.
According to Empire Magazine, three live-action Star Wars series are set to release next year.
On November 8th, 2023, SAG-AFTRA negotiators approved the latest proposal presented to them by the Hollywood studios, ending the longest actors strike on record at 118 days. What does it mean for upcoming Star Wars productions?
The live-action Star Wars Disney+ series created by Jon Watts and Christopher Ford was set to release towards the tail end of this year, but from what I’ve been hearing from sources, the series has been delayed to 2024.​

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