August 3, 2021
by Bespin Bulletin

Today Disney and Lucasfilm have officially announced a new LEGO Star Wars special titled Terrifying Tales which is set to release on October 1st exclusively on Disney Plus in celebration on Halloween.

I actually found out about this last week from a couple of sources and began writing a brief draft of an article to post today, but once again I lose another ‘scoop’ due to my laziness. I didn’t know much about the special, but I had it implied to me that it’s a similar length to the LEGO special from last year, but that it isn’t as good.

The special will see Poe Dameron (Jake Green) and BB-8 make an emergency landing on Mustafar where they discover Darth Vader’s castle has been transformed into a Sith inspired luxury hotel by crime boss, Graballa The Hutt (Dana Snyder). Poe and BB-8 venture through the hotel with one of Graballa’s emplyees, Dean (Raphael Alejandro) and Vader’s servant Vanee (Tony Hale) who tells the team tales, shows them artifacts and lures them deeper into the under belly of the castle. Our heroes discover sinister plan and must stop evil from rising once again.

I know it’s not the LEGO Star Wars news many fans were hoping for, but I am currently working on finding more information on The Skywalker Saga and hopefully I can bring you guys an update once I’m allowed to do so.

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