April 14, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Not many details are known about Moses Ingram’s inquisitor, Reva, who’s set to star as one of the main villains in the highly anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Previously various sources noted Reva to be very important and pivotal to the series, with the creators noting that the character is smart and dangerous, but today we have new details on the exciting new character.

Recently MakingStarWars released a report giving various new details on Reva. According to the report, Reva’s humanity and anger will factor largely into the endgame of the Kenobi series, and that she isn’t some “inconsequential” villain as her perspective will have some emotional validity and an overall consequence to the story being told in the limited-series. The series will reportedly provide viewers with flashbacks of Reva’s life, showing fans glimpses of Reva as a child being taken away from her family, being turned into a warrior for the Jedi, the horrors of Order 66, and finally being forced to choose between death and working for the Empire. Viewers will also see the dynamic between Reva and her fellow Inquisitors, with the Grand Inquisitor belittling her along with her abilities and potential, and pitting her against The Fifth Brother.

The report goes on to say that Obi-Wan understands and empathises with Reva. Kenobi most certainly doesn’t agree with Reva’s actions, but understands why former Jedi feels and acts how she does. The two will come face-to-face and blades will clash, but according to the report, Kenobi at some point will have to put his faith in Reva in doing the right thing, something that could cost her greatly. Though the report doesn’t say it outright, it asks the question, can Reva kill an innocent child? I assume this is in reference to why Kenobi has to put faith in Reva and hopes she does the right thing. It also leads down a speculative rabbit hole and to ask the question, which child? We know that young Luke Skywalker is in the series thanks to the trailer, and it’s been reported that Leia Organa is kidnapped in the series thanks to a plan masterminded by the Inquisitors and is the reason Kenobi leaves Tatooine.

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