April 22, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Today I’m bringing you a small tidbit I’ve heard from Andor following a report by another content creator, though I must stress that this is just a rumour and that you take it as so.

I was first told of an Imperial Royal Guards appearance in Andor well over six months ago, but thought nothing much of it as the information did not come from my regular and trusted source. However it’s now something I’ve heard off and on for a number of months following, but again, not from my usual trustworthy sources and that is why I’m stressing you take this information as simply a rumour. I do not have as much confidence in this as my other exclusives or information I’ve shared on Andor so I really want to stress that, but the reason I’m running this piece as a rumour is due to a recent report from Star Wars Meg (previously reported the Hutts would appear in The Book of Boba Fett) who has heard that Mas Amedda is making an appearance in the upcoming Rogue One spin-off series, Andor, and that his scenes are set in the present day and are not flashbacks. Amedda was Vice Chair of the Galactic Senate and became the Grand Vizier of the galactic Empire once Palpatine declared himself the Galactic Emperor. The setting I was told the Royal Guards appear was that of the senate, so with Meg’s report and the information I was told, the two seems to support one another.

I know many will see the headline of a Royal Guard appearance and automatically assume an appearance from Emperor Palpatine himself, but I don’t think it’s a given. Royal Guards have previously accompanied Mas Amedda in Star Wars comics, and were guarding Darth Vader in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Amedda at this time is acting as the voice of the Emperor who has taken a more reclusive role and Amedda would act as the primary administrator of the Imperial bureaucracy and the leader of the Imperial Ruling Council.

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