August 4, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

We’re under two months away from the release of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story spin-off series, Andor, and much is still being kept under-wraps including who certain actors showcased in the trailers are playing, but I finally have an update on who Adria Arjona (Father of the Bride, Irma Vep, Morbius) is playing.

After speaking to multiple sources I can reveal that the name of Arjona’s character is Bix. I’m unsure of the pronunciation, but I believe Bix is pronounced as Bicks (like kicks, but with a b). I’m unsure of her last name, but the one name I’ve heard is Caleen. I don’t know much else about the character other than she’s a friend of Cassian’s early on in the season and helps the titular character move the things he steals making her a smuggler of sorts.

Bix beaten and captured

Arjona’s Bix can be seen throughout the two trailers officially released and as we can see, most of her scenes appear to take place on Ferrix. The unnamed security force seen in both trailers in blue outfits, quite reminiscent of the Bespin Wing Guards, are hunting down Cassian and are seemingly in league with the Empire as it’s heavily implied throughout the latest trailer that Cassian steals something of value to the Empire. The security force are being led by Sergeant Linus Mosk played by Alex Ferns (Eastenders, The Batman) with one of the members, Syril Karn played by Kyle Soller (Poldark, Brexit: The Uncivil War), getting significant screen time in both trailers. The unnamed security force are seen chasing down Bix before capturing her and she’s seen beaten and bloody. It also appears that Bix gets interrogated by Denise Gough’s Imperial Security Bureau Officer, Dedra Meero (who gets significant screen time in this trailer), on Ferrix, but her fate is left ambiguous in the trailer.

ISB Officer, Deedra Meero, interrogates Bix.

It’s worrying that Bix isn’t seen outside of Ferrix, and I know that Arjona finished two months before a lot of the cast. I’m personally a fan of Arjona’s and was hoping she would play a bigger role in the series, but I no longer feel as if she does. In the words of Han Solo, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

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