October 4, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

We’re only a few weeks into Andor and it’s second season is only a month away from starting production in the United Kingdom. Whilst fans are preoccupied with the current season, the cast and crew have their eyes set on what’s to come in the second part of the twenty four episode series and Bix Caleen actress, Adria Arjona, may have let slip during an interview with Collider that she and her character are returning for the second season.

When chatting with Collider, Arjona talked about the creative process of forming Bix as a character, how the showrunner and writer of the series, Tony Gilroy, operates and just how collaborative the process is. It was during this segment of the interview Arjona let slip that she’s been told details of what happens with her character, Bix, during the second season which you can read below.

He [Tony Gilroy] was very open to conversations and is constantly telling me what is, what her journey is going to be like and, ‘Oh, I changed this a little bit’. He really kept me in the loop even before the scripts were done and the second he had a script out, we’d [the cast] would all get it first. Even now with the second part [of the series] he’s already told me what’s going to happen and that’s not the usual. He just really wants you to get into that mindset and start preparing your gears to sort of embark on this new journey and he wants you to think on your own as Bix so I can so sort of have my own ideas and opinions.”

Hearing that Arjona and Gilroy have had conversations regarding Bix’s role in the second season leaves me hopeful that she’ll make it out of this season with her life. Currently Bix is still residing on Ferrix following the aftermath of the Pre-Mor security and Cassian showdown which resulted in the death of her lover, Timm. We know from various trailers and television spots that we will see Bix again on Ferrix with the character seen running from and getting captured by the Empire, promotional material even appears to show Bix being interrogated by Dedra Meero.

Another character we can expect to escape season one with their life is Luthen Rael as Stellan Skarsgård previously revealed that he’d be returning to film the second season in the Autumn once his work on Dune: Part Two had been completed. Tony Gilroy has teased that many characters will die over the course of the Andor series, but at least we know both Bix and Luthen make it to the second season.

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