June 8, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

Towards the tail end of last week a rumour from Production Weekly popped up which stated that the fourth season of The Mandalorian was scheduled to begin filming in November this year, two months after when the shoot was due to begin. The Production Weekly tidbit follows a report from Deadline which revealed that production on the fourth season of the hit Disney+ series was likely to be delayed from it’s September start to an unknown time due to ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. I followed up on the rumour on Thursday and added my own comments from two independent sources when I asked them about the rumoured November start, one source simply dismissed the claim whereas the other stressed to me that everything is on hold and likely would be until an agreement is made between the WGA and the studios, emphasising to me that there’s no planned timetable, nothing is concrete at this time, and reminding me of the possibility of the Directors Guild of America strike along with a possible Screen Actors Guild strike too. Since that report on Thursday, the Directors Guild of America and the Hollywood studios have reached a tentative agreement on a historic new deal.

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On Friday reliable Star Wars insider MakingStarWars took to his daily Star Wars YouTube show to discuss my article pertaining to the rumoured November start for The Mandalorian season four. MSW was first to report in March that The Mandalorian creator, Jon Favreau, had completed writing the fourth season of the series and had purposely completed his writing duties ahead of an impending Writers Guild of America strike which later came to fruition, with Favreau himself days later confirming he had already written The Mandalorian’s fourth season and that the season was in early pre-production.

In the MSW report it was also mentioned that a second season of The Book of Boba Fett might be in development, with the outlet revealing that production on a Slave 1 set had begun and that the production building Fett’s ship was sporting a different codename/working title to that of The Mandalorian season four. The initial article from MakingStarWars did present the idea that maybe the Boba Fett tied elements were part of The Mandalorian season four, but due different to different production names it seems they’re separate productions, and added that it appears a production with Dave Filoni attached, which was not a second season of Ahsoka, was underway.


When covering my aforementioned article, MakingStarWars revealed that he had reached out to his own sources for clarification of the November rumour and touched base with those sources regarding a possible second season of The Book of Boba Fett. MakingStarWars revealed that from what he can gather, Boba Fett will be present in the fourth season of The Mandalorian, and that there’s seemingly no other series set to go into production, which likely includes the rumoured second season of The Book of Boba Fett. You can read MakingStarWars’ comments below and watch his YouTube show where he discusses the topic beneath the comments.

I had touched base with sources [regarding the November rumour] and they hadn’t got back to me, but when they did I’d made up my mind that asking that was a bad idea. So I just asked them about what was going on and it’s a whole lot of nothing basically is what’s going on. But I did get more hits on the Boba Fett thing. So I think Boba Fett is in for Mando four and I don’t think there’s another show, and nobody knows what the other codenames that have been floating around are – specifically Ghost Track 17, but I think that was just a placeholder for something that was going to happen, but didn’t happen and they just keep it around incase something else does happen and they’ll take that name.” – MakingStarWars

MakingStarWars’ comments start around the 16 minute mark.

Though I’m sure some fans are disappointed that a second season of The Book of Boba Fett is seemingly not in development, it’s a most certainly a positive to hear that the legendary bounty hunter may be making an appearance in The Mandalorian season four, especially given Temuera Morrison’s disappointment that Fett didn’t get to appear in Mando’s third season as initially planned. Many fans were vocal about wanting to see Boba Fett return in The Mandalorian season three, with unsubstantiated rumours and online speculation getting fans hope up regarding an appearance, but for season four, we have a reliable insider reporting that there’s movement around the character to appear in Mando’s fourth season, with sets tied to character being built earlier this year in preparation of production starting much later in the year, or more likely, next year.

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