June 6, 2023
by Bespin Bulletin

Over the weekend, PHX Fan Fusion took place and featured an appearance from a star of The Mandalorian, Bo Katan Kryze herself, Katee Sackhoff. Sackhoff took part in a Q&A session where she answered many questions from those in attendance, but without a doubt, the most interesting tidbit from Sackhoff’s appearance is when she revealed that an outtake of The Mandalorian season three featured her character Bo-Katan sharing a kiss with the series lead Din Djarin.

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During the Q&A session, a fan asked Katee what her favourite or most emotional scene was that involved Bo Katan and Din Djarin. Katee was quick to reveal that her favourite moment was a scene from The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 7 which was titled The Spies. Sackhoff revealed that her favourite moment of Bo and Din together is where Din declares his loyalty to Kryze and states that her song has yet to be written. Sackhoff joyfully said that it felt like Kryze and Djarin’s Titanic moment, referencing an iconic scene from James Cameron’s flick which saw Leonardo Dicaprio’s Jack holding onto Kate Winslet’s Rose at the front of the iconic ship as Rose opens up her arms at sunset and declares that she’s flying as a rendition of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On plays. The comment from Katee may be an insight into how she see’s the scene shared by Bo and Din – romantic. Sackhoff went on to reveal that in an outtake of the scene, Din Djarin, who was being played by Brendan Wayne, kissed Sackhoff’s Kryze through his helmet. You can read Katee Sackhoff’s comments below or alternatively you can watch the video of Sackhoff being asked the question and giving her answer here.


The scene between Bo and Mando on the front of the boat is like our ‘Titanic’ moment, you know? It’s like, ‘I’m the queen of the world.’ I wanted to stand on the front of that boat – it was begging for me to do that. There’s definitely an outtake where Brendan Wayne grabs my face and kisses me through the Mando helmet. It was quite funny. Brendan Wayne is one of the men that wears the [Din Djarin Mandalorian] suit. It was really fun. Yeah, that scene for me was really important because it’s the scene where he says that ‘you’re song is not yet written’. It was so hard not to cry during that scene – it was such a sweet moment.” – Katee Sackhoff

It seems as if the kiss itself wasn’t anything of real significance and wasn’t just cut from the series as I’d seen some fans claim on social media. Judging by Sackhoff’s comments, it’s possible the moment was just played for laughs by Brendan Wayne. It’s also no surprise that the kiss would’ve taken place with Wayne, the actor who’s primarily in the Din Djarin suit alongside Lateef Crowder. As I reported throughout the production of The Mandalorian season three, Pedro Pascal was not present for filming, and if a kiss was planned between Bo and Din, you’d assume that Pascal would most certainly have been present for that moment. It’s unknown if Pascal will be feature in the filming of The Mandalorian season four which was originally pencilled in for a late September start, but has since suffered a delay to an unknown time due to the Writers Guild of America strike. Pascal was not available for filming of The Mandalorian season three due to his commitment to HBO’s The Last of Us, which filmed its first season from July 2021 until June 2022 in Canada. The Mandalorian season three shot from late September 2021 until the end of March 2022 in California. It seems that history is set to repeat itself as The Last of Us season two is slated to film from the end of 2023 until the latter half of 2024, meaning it’ll likely once again overlap with filming of The Mandalorian.

Sackhoff goes on to say that she, like many others, is ‘shipping’ Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze, adding that she had conversations about how the two would make love, a comment I’m sure will send some fans into a bit of a frenzy. As the appearance featured a Q&A, Sackhoff was asked multiple questions by those in attendance at the PHX Fan Fusion event. Some other answers of interest include Katee Sackhoff revealing that she frequented the Ahsoka set, the next Star Wars series to he released, but did not confirm if Bo Katan Kryze would appear in the upcoming series, and refused to answer a question in regards to Bo-Katan ever leading her own live-action series or movie, Sackhoff reportedly didn’t give an answer, but instead simply smiled and moved on.

Throughout the season, many Mandalorian fans noted romantic chemistry between Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze. I personally didn’t get that vibe from the scenes they shared, I saw their relationship as one that started off on a sour note, but evolved to one of respect, equality and perhaps friendship. Clearly Sackhoff see’s it differently and maybe it opens the door for a future romantic coming together for the twosome, but only time will tell.

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