April 5, 2022
by Bespin Bulletin

Hello there and happy LEGO Star Wars day! Initially I did not want to cover this rumour as it came from a very questionable source, but I keep getting asked about it and I see some of the social media clout chasers (those who bandwagon every rumour) peddling the story. So is Jude Law in a Star Wars project? and what would that project be? Let’s break it down.

The outlet in question that claims Law has signed on for a Star Wars project is DeuxMoi, an extremely popular Instagram account that shares celebrity gossip from tips they receive via email, and anybody can send in a tip and they aren’t independently verified by the account. The account has boasted its had correct information before in regards to celebrity gossip such as singer Harry Styles dating actress and director Olivia Wilde, but it appears the accuracy of the page is 50/50 and I’ve seen people compare the accuracy of the account to a cheap celebrity gossip magazine.

DeuxMoi posted what they call a ‘blind item’, which leaves out names and specifics for followers to work out. The post read, “a prime British early-2000’s film stud is adding to his recent nerdgasm resume (Marvel, Wizarding World). Recently cast in an unannounced Star Wars extended universe Disney+ show.” Followers quickly deciphered that the actor in question is Jude Law given his recent appearances in Captain Marvel and Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

The most obvious unannounced Star Wars series the post could be referring to is the upcoming Grammar Rodeo (working title) series which recently began pre-production in Culver City, California ahead of its shoot beginning in June. Little is known about Grammar Rodeo, but it’s set to take place during the High Republic era and will focus on a group of pre-teens. Filming on the series will run from June until December, with Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts in talks to direct an unspecified number of episodes and Jon Favreau onboard as a producer. Alongside the group of pre-teens it was previously reported by The Illuminerdi that Grammar Rodeo was looking to cast a male in his thirties or forties for an unknown role in the series and currently Jude Law is 49 years old, slightly older than what Lucasfilm was initially looking for, but possible.

I’d stress that you don’t take this rumour too seriously, not until more trustworthy outlets and those with good track records in regards to Star Wars information begin corroborating the claim. Law would be a fine addition to the Star Wars universe in my opinion, but as I previously stated – anybody can send the account a tip and the account will not attempt to independently verify the claim.

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